How Can the U.s. Achieve the Liberal Idea of the Progressive State


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The liberal idea views the state and the international system as progressive and optimistic. The term progressive is very complex and as time goes by it changes. If the liberals think that the state is progressive, then their assumptions aren’t solid as the state’s progressive clearly depends on the leaders and the government bodies. Also, is the state really progressive if the leader changes throughout the years? As a new leader governs the state, there will be new laws, and foreign policies that can determine and affect the state’s progress. If there would be new laws and protocol within the state to establish, then they would probably start from scratch. I believe that being progressive starts within our behavior, our human nature as it affects our personal interest. This also goes to the leaders of every state.

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An individual’s fundamental rights and freedom are the top priorities to liberalism such as freedom of speech, freedom of expression. Although such rights exists, it is only limited. Liberalism is propaganda. You have free speech to persuade people to what you actually believe in but it may be a way of suppressing and brainwashing other people. Political correctness or suppression of speech is the new norm in our society which is evident mostly in some of the universities and to our society. Our society limits free speech through trigger warnings. Higher authorities filter and reject opinions that are against their beliefs. We only see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear. Freedom is not absolute. If the state allows too much freedom, our rights and security may be at risk.

Liberalism acknowledges the non-government organizations like United Nations as also an important factor in the system, including the state. I believe that these organizations are effective and efficient to the international system. As it contributes as a tool to communicate with other countries to resolve conflicts and strengthen alliances. Collective security benefits most states whenever they need a financial aid, and security aid. However, collective security cannot be relied on much. Upon looking back at our history and in present times, it is evident that alliances aren’t stable. Your ally may be your enemy and your enemy may be your ally. The best example of this is the Philippine-China relations. Capitalism is one of the key concept of liberalism. I personally support capitalism if it leads to make a progressive country but if these capitalists uses this as a tool to oppress and abuse people then definitely I’m not for it.

I believe that the state can achieve progress with the help of government bodies and the members of the society. I see freedom as a responsibility for everyone. We may be free to do some things that we want to do but there are abiding laws above us. It is not absolute. Freedom may cause chaos. We have different realities; your reality may be different from mine. I believe that with the help of true knowledge and education we can achieve progress. I support equal rights and opportunities for everyone. In a diverse community, I think people should be judge according to their behavior not by their skin color, religion, race, and sexual orientation. A progressive state welcomes diversity and does not treat them differently. To achieve progress we must start with ourselves and share knowledge about these issues to avoid misconceptions. We should acknowledge minority groups and lessen the discrimination they are facing right now.

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