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Being a vacation planner, my project is going to be based on planning a vacation to Canada. It is very easy to choose a destination for your vacation but planning the details of the whole trip is really time-consuming. Since this wonderful country is replete with amazing natural beauty and various multi-cultural cities of the world that have a lot more to offer their tourists. Therefore pre-planning and some research is always required to avoid the vastness of Canada’s outdoors to overwhelm you at any point during your Canada vacation. Following are the five people who will carry on the different tasks:

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  • One person will manage the hotel accommodations and the meals facility as well.
  • Second person will arrange the methods of transportation, and car rentals.
  • Third person will provide detailed information about the chosen destinations, including weather conditions, local customs, and sigh-seeing attractions.
  • Fourth person will take care of the money matters like currency exchange rates, where to get it, sales taxes or tipping.
  • Fifth person will buy tickets for all the guests to entertainment locations.
  • Sixth person will do the most exciting part of the trip, i.e. Photography.

The objective is to travel and explore at least twenty famous spots in the West Coast, Prairie Provinces, or Canada's North during the fall or autumn season. The main requirements for a traveller to visit Canada include a valid passport with the visa stamp on it, no criminal record, and being in a good health. One should select a destination based on their interests in the art, history, food, and shopping choices. The project will take place over the course of three months from September 1 to November 30.To give a direction to this plan, the budget is to be set for around $10,000. The whole plan will start taking a shape only after authorization of a visitor visa by the Government of Canada, Immigration, and Citizenship. The main priorities when the plan begins are to buy the tickets for the trip, then booking a hotel to stay and planning out which things to do during your stay in Canada.

After the destination is decided, the plan focuses on the detailed whereabouts from your departure from your country till arrival. The goals behind this vacation are to take a rest, reconnect to those you love the most (family and friends), play whatever you enjoy doing (skiing, swimming, cruising), dream to think about what you are going to do further with your life, and rejuvenate yourself with a boost of energy while coming back to the old monotonous routine of your life. This vacation to Canada will give you all sort of fun related to dining, shopping and entertainment options.


Vacation for Canada departing India on September 1 and returning on November 30, up-down tickets from India to Canada, taking Uber service from New Delhi India Airport, , and arranged care for items, mail, pets, etc., left behind during three months trip.


Travelling tickets and lodging reservations booked – August 22, vehicle arrangements complete – August 29, Mail and pet care arranged – August 25, Passports or any other air travel documents completed and obtained – August 20, and finalized vacation trip – September 1- November 30.Following are the twenty work package activities for this vacation:

  1. Finding a versatile travel bag with an awesome warranty.
  2. Researching travel package deals for hotel and meals.
  3. Choosing accommodation according to your need.
  4. Booking airline tickets, reserve rental cars, etc.
  5. Requesting time off work.
  6. Pre-paying your bills which are coming or due.
  7. Arranging care for pets or lawns while you are away from home.
  8. Packing suitcases in well-organized manner.
  9. Carrying light-weight clothing in your suitcases so that you can accommodate all essentials.
  10. Carrying travel pillow, phone’s charger, video camera, and laptop.
  11. Taking any prescribed medication, if any or medicines for any allergy.
  12. Taking a toiletry kit and a first-aid kit.
  13. Checking if your debit/credit card will be valid in Canada.
  14. Getting information on travel vaccines and immunization.
  15. Rescheduling appointments and activities that conflict with your vacation.
  16. Carrying a scrapbook to collect memories or write daily diary for every day.
  17. Carrying all comfort and security items.
  18. Getting copies of all your important documents in case you lose them.
  19. Re-confirming with airline if there’s any delay in flight.
  20. Boosting yourself to enjoy your best while on your vacations.

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