Marketing Strategy and Promotion Mix of Dominos Pizza

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The Term “Promotion” of any business is the bridging the informational gap between the company and would-be buyers. The Company devises its “Promotional Mix” to include a combination of specific promotional activities from advertising to merchandising to direct marketing and ultimately maintaining public relations.

Promotional Mix of Dominos

Dominos entered the market in India in 1996, opening an outlet in Delhi. One of the dominos biggest competitor Pizza Hut also entered the market around the same time. However, dominos was able to beat its competitor, because it focused its promotion on major component, “Delivery on time”. Major Outlets like Pizza Hut and Papa John’s failed to deliver on time, which resulted in customers waiting for long intervals, dominos tapped into that and created the “30 minutes or Free Pizza” Campaign. The Promotion was done through Advertisements, Print Media and Television with renowned actors such as Paresh Rawal and Arshad Warsi playing the main lead. This Promotional Activity became widespread and over the years dominos has innovated its Promotional Mix to fit to the needs of its Consumer.

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Everyday Value Offers

With time, every consumer have become technological savvy. A Good Pricing Strategy along with Digitalization have become one of the most crucial element in surviving. Dominos focusses on technology and advertises around it. Dominos have introduced its “Everyday Value Offer” to attract more customers via its online website and official app. This Innovative move provides customers with new offers on price and quantity. Advertisements targeting lower middle class and middle class people were rolled out with unique pricing of pizza’s as low as Rupees 44.

‘Yeh Hai RishtonKa Time’

Dominos is an American Company which has made a powerful impact in the Indian Markets as well. With the Promotion of “Yeh Hai Rishtonka Time”, Domino’s Pizza captured the Big Indian Family. Indionizing its Flavor and creating Advertisement and Media with the belief that when a Box of Dominos is opened, family and friends come together and share a pizza. This Promotional Campaign Created a Strong foothold in the Indian Market.

Interacting with Consumers

Dominos never forgot who the real king in the market is. Social Media Platform like Facebook and twitter, are used by the company regularly to post feeds and interact with customers to make them aware of all the products the company has. Dominos have launched different hashtags to bring in more customers and create a live interaction platform, for example #Superherosquad, and #Rishtey. Live Chat Support Systems, Feedback Forms, Personalized Messaging and Telephonic Services are all engaging in interacting and providing help to its customers.

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