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When I was a student, having had to study English Literature during my degree, I found out a starling truth. . . a resource that I never thought that I would need. . . an online proofreader. Having to do multiple essays, meet harsh deadlines, impress lecturers and do adequate research on your topic all at the same time, no wonder there is room for mistakes to occur in your written text. The truth really hit me one day when I worked on a large 7000 word essay.

I knew that my content was good and my point was strong. I was sure that I was going to get an A on that essay, but, I was wrong. Because of my multiple grammatical mistakes, multiple spelling errors, multiple misses with my punctuation, the lecturer that graded my essay ended up marking me down on a lot of things. Marks that I could have gotten if I had gotten my essay proofread before submitting it. From that day, I pledged that I would not let that happen to me again. That’s when I hired a professional proofreader from a then small proofreading company. They helped me to actually maximize my potential in each and every essay that I wrote. You may ask, why didn’t you just proofread the essays yourself? The answer to this is simple.

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You will NEVER be able to proofread your own document. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to see your own mistakes. That’s why you need expert proofreaders to aid you in what you are doing. Do a test, write a short essay. Ask a professional to overlook it over for you. Be surprised at what you missed. The human brain is such that mistakes, especially written ones, are really hard to catch, even more so when you are the author. I’m pretty sure myself that I have a lot of mistakes in this document. When I used that online proofreading service back while doing my degree, I saved a lot of my time and effort. The results of my degree were all the better. I felt like I had the more support that any student needs, especially while doing a degree where essays are integral. It’s more support that will make you more confident in what you are submitting to your lecturer. Don’t exclude yourself from getting high grades. Get a proofreader to go through your document. Trust me, you won’t regret it. I know.

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