Proofs to Show that God Exists

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We have reached this modern era through many ages. It is so unfortunate to discover that our current environment is so much dominated or say overpowered by materialism that our spiritual beliefs are some what faded. We have packed our lives with materialism to such an extent that we have turned our culture in to materialistic customs , our philosophies reflect materialism even our desires have become materialistics Just an external or atmospheric temperature affects not only our apperent or exposed skin but our internal organ system also. Similaraly, the values and beliefs that make up our environment are not something that we only see, hear or interpret on daily basis but are something that shape our character and personality The way impurities in atmosphere damages our physical health, Similaray materialism in our values damges our environment ultimately resulting in damaging our personality.

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Every existing religion , in it’s own way teaches about the existence of God , as the creator of entire universe . The materialistic impurities in our social life has led many of us to raise question on the existence of God. People do seek for the intellectual proofs to believe some thing that runs so basic for us. I personally think question God’s existence is itself an unintellectual or senseless questionIts not important for every evidence or reason or simply a belief to be accepted only an intellectual basis. For these are many other cases I belief that are not verification intellectually through we still practice them in our routine. If we are to standardize intellectuals to judge and verify the existence of God , then it must be standardize for every single account in our daily lives . Here arises a question for those who seek braining or literacy evidence for God existence , have they set intellect as a principle to judge their every belief? Below I am proving the above idea mention idea through example that not everything needs to be judged intellually. The two basic constituent of languge are: Vocabulary, Grammer.

Vocabulary is the stock of words that a language has the set of rule that are applied in order to converse in tat particular language is grammar. Even if you learn all the words that a language possses , you wont be able to communicate your thoughts unless ypu have learned it’s grammar It’s the language that teaches you to call a set of papers compiled together a ‘book’ a piece of stitched loth that you wear a ‘coat’ a flat dish in which you eat a plate and so on. What if you are challenged that what you are calling a book is a pen? What if you’re challenged to provide intellectual reason to call a book as a book ? You simply can’t. We approve and reprove these linguistic ideas without any critical analysis because without these we won’t be able to speak up. This show that not every belief is needed to be tested intellectually specially when it is providing us the foundation of a system.


It takes greater faith to believe that an unseen God exists than it does to just dismisss Him because you cannot physically confirm that He is teir. For those who deal in evidence there is a proof all around you and inside of you that God does exist. Look inside yourself. You get angry,happy,excited. Does your feelings exist physically ? Can you touch your anger , love and pain with your hands. What’s the proof that they even exist or you feel them. In an Irish newspaper ‘The Irish times’, Joe Humphreys has published an article/column entitled as “Unthinkable :The Islamic thinker who proved God does exist.“Avicenna argues from the idea that the things we see around us are ‘contingent’ or merely ‘possible’”“The idea here is that a contingent thing is something that may either exist or not exist; it’s nature does not guarantee that it exists.

What Avicenna wants to do is show you that although all the things we experience directly are indeed contingent, there is also something else that exists necessarily, in other words, whose very nature guarantees that it exists”To do this , Avicenna points out that since a contingent thing on it’s own merit could either exist or not exist, it must have some external cause that made it exist – like ‘tipping the scale’ in favour of it’s existence rather than its non-existance.“So take me, for instance. I am contingent, meaning that I am the sort of thing that could easily have failed to exist. In fact, at one time I didn’t yet exist, and in the future I will cease existing, that proves I’m not necessary”“So there must have been a cause, maybe my parents, who brought me into existence. Now Avicenna observe that the aggregrate whole of all contingent things – in other words the physical universe is also contingent. After all, everything in the universe is contingent, so taken all together as one thing, it too must be contingent. Thus it also need an external cause, just lie I do.”“Since that external cause has to be outside the whole aggregrate of contingent things, it cannot itself be contingent. So it is necessary. Hey presto, we’ve proven that there is a necessary existent which cause all other things! And this, of course , is God.”

Avicenna is trying to show that when you look around and think, ‘All of this could have failed to exist; why is there something, rather than nothing ? You are asking a good question. “The answer to the question is that not everything could have failed to exist. There must be something that just has to exist, to explain why everything else has wound up existing.”“This contrasts favourably to other medieval proofs, which turn on clever but unconvincing conceptual tricks like Anselm’s ontological argument, or do invoke the intelligent design of the universe, which many people now a days think is a premise discredited by science.”Philosophy says that our existence is based on that which we perceive existence to be. It is even suggested that may be we do not exist as we think we do here, but on a different plane of reasoning not yet known to us. As God’s creation, we know God is real; all we have to do is to take a good look. “So have a (meditative and thoughtful) look around : do you find in this (creation) any incongruity or disharmony ?”

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