Proper Planning of Activities as an Inseparable Part of Life

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Workload, Stress and development needs are issues people face on a daily basis in any business organization. It matters a lot how someone chooses to deal with them. In essence, these details can reduce the productivity of any worker if they cannot handle them correctly and on time. In most cases, these are challenges that arise as a result of misunderstandings between staff in a firm, and because of having to handle so much work such that the body becomes completely worn out. Managing these shortcomings is what counts most and can be done by proper planning of activities and maintaining a positive attitude.

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In time management, dealing with what is most relevant is key. Concentrating on irrelevant activities could prove costly as the time wasted on these issues is the exact time that is supposed to be allocated for what is more important. Lack of proper planning of events is also a major setback when it comes to time management. Improper planning means a lot of activities will be carried out at random and the outcome is a poor use of time. From the case study, it is clear that John does not have a plan for his duties and focuses on what he should not be dealing with. The consequence of this is that he ends up working on what he is required when it is almost too late.

Workloads are better managed through planning. Having a to-do list is crucial. It contains a series of events listed that are required to be carried out during a particular period. The existence of a list ensures that one has a sense of direction. Everything will have its own time of being worked on and that helps make procedures efficient and effective. Reviewing the tasks at hand makes real sense. This assists in determining the source of the workload. If it is a job that can be delegated and the manager does not necessarily have to get involved, passing it on to their inferiors is a better option. In the case study, this is what John should be doing to ease his task load.

Setting realistic goals is paramount to achieving set objectives. Sometimes when limits are put too high, getting to them becomes difficult. A real achievable goal is one that encompasses all the details involved in working towards obtaining it. All the challenges must be put under consideration as these are what cause delays hence violation of deadlines. This goes hand in hand with avoiding multitasking. The effects of carrying out many duties at the same time could be devastating. Taking a job at a time ensures quality and timely work. Thus, from the study, John has to set achievable targets and do away with multitasking.

Keeping track of products plays a significant role in managing a store. This assists in taking note of stock and thereby making sure stock levels do not go low. Getting low on stock means that one is losing out to competitors. An inventory system serves as a better watch dog. When stock depletes, it could mean a lot including being stolen by employees. This system ensures there is no theft of goods and thereby making it simpler to handle stock. With the case of John, he does not want to his assistant to use the stock database, and that is one of his failures. Tracking his stock can help him eliminate the problem of an inventory shortage.

The best way to seek feedback regarding employee performance is through consulting customers. Customers come in contact with staff on many occasions. They have all it takes to rate the workers of an organization. Every encounter with they have with a company’s staff depicts certain features that lead them into making various decisions about whether they should keeping their relationship with the firm or not. However, those who do not come into contact with buyers can be evaluated through the group assignments allocated to them. A colleague can assess their counterpart based on group assignments. These are the ways that John should employ to sought and evaluate his colleagues’ performances.

Performance is further rewarded by appraisal. For employees to feel better, feedback has to be communicated to them. The manner in which this is done is crucial. Every human being’s reaction to positive information is excellent. When workers are told they did a great job in overachieving their goals, it is a morale booster. The feedback has to come at the right time. Timeliness ensures that the mistakes made in the previous exercises are not repeated. Specifying the exact reason for congratulating them in the feedback is equally critical. From the case study, John has to maintain specificity and timeliness in getting back to his fellow workers.

Stress is a major issue of concern in any working environment. It comes about due to many reasons, misunderstandings and tough work accompanied with tight deadlines being amongst them. Every job that has a tight deadline implies that it has to be carried out under a lot of pressure. This creates stress in the minds of the affected. The pressure is in most cases from the superiors, who often want things to be delivered and quick. The signs can be clearly seen in someone as they look frustrated, fatigued and depressed. Stress is best relieved through recreational activities. They help disrupt someone’s mind thereby driving away the frustrations.

Apart from recreational activities, taking a break from a stressor also serve to eliminate the stress. It is highly advisable that people take a break to relax their minds. More laughter helps as well. Happy moments make it hard for a worker to think about that one thing that has been a headache to them over long periods. Sharing one’s concerns can go a long way in helping relieve stress. When people who trust in each other talk something out, there are high chances a better solution can be reached, or at least words of encouragement could assist. Keeping away from activities that may cause deep thoughts is also advisable.

Development needs and skill gaps are common in working environments. A skill gap is a deficiency in technical know-how of employees. When this arises organizations in most cases offer training to make sure the skills lacking in employees are instilled in them. Development needs, on the other hand, can be explained concerning how an individual has to assess their capabilities and skills. A better way of detecting a skill gap is by letting employees evaluate one another. This will bring out everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and skills missing in them will be seen. For John’s case, he should allow his colleagues assess each other, him inclusive, to find the gaps existing in terms of their capabilities and technical know-how.

Determining one’s professional development needs and skill gaps matters to a large extent. In Beau’s case study, we can identify his professional development need as being an experience. He has worked as an administrator for a year, but he still has doubts. Professional needs are best fulfilled through experiencing the real job. Beau’s skill gap comes in on the issue of using the accounting software. He has problems using it. An insufficiency in technical know-how is usually evident on such occasions as using specialized machinery and software. Beau however, has the opportunity to gain the necessary skills by undergoing further training. This is the surest way to fill the skill gap.

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