Proper Tabulation of Event Management Course Syllabus


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Summary: When a company spends lacks of rupees on some product endorsement event, he wishes for someone who can run that backstage affair efficiently. There was a time when the concept of event manager was very alien in India. But as globalisation and modernisation are spreading its wings, the demand for efficient event managers are also increasing. The work of an event manager is to look after all the affairs which will help the event to run smoothly. The job of this people is so broad that to tabulate an Event Management Course Syllabus seemed almost impossible. There were few institutes a few years back who even thought of setting up a program to train event managers. There is one institute in Kolkata named NAME was set up around 2014 and started the trend of training efficient event managers. Now, there are some other institutes which are operating in Kolkata following the footsteps of NAME.

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The courses which are dedicated to training these budding event managers are mostly of one year course with internship program included. This practice of including an internship program along with the course helps the student to gain the much needed industrial experience that is so much vital for this job. An event manager should have excellent communication and leadership skills. But everyone is not born with leadership qualities. NAME helps their student to develop some leadership skills so that he can have some command over the people working under him. The need for an event manager is not only limited to product launch. They find their relevance in some high-class office party or some celebrity wedding. There is a growing trend in the Indian market to bring foreign singing sensations like Coldplay and Ed Sheeran in our country. These shows involve so many event managers working continuously behind the stage so that the program can run smoothly. When there is more than one event manager responsible for a single show. There are many cases reported where two managers failed to work in sync, and the show failed measurably. The institutes teach their students how to work in sync with everyone. After all, the goal of every manager is to deliver the end product. The event management course fee charged by NAME is very nominal considering the range of services they are providing. The reputation of NAME as far as placement related issues are concerned is outstanding. The institute grooms their student to ace the placement interviews. The demand of students to get admission is so high that NAME was forced to open another campus in Mumbai to accommodate the students.

There are still many students every year rejected by NAME every year due to limited seats. This is the scenario in every event management institutes where seats are limited, and students are many. This is happening mostly because the industry is yet to reach its saturation. If a student aspires to be a glorified event manager in this industry, he should seriously consider joining NAME as they provide premium training at very affordable fees. Author’s Bio: I am a final year Engineering student and currently residing in Pune. I have not much knowledge regarding this industry, but if statistics are to believed, the event managers in India have a very bright future.

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