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Proposal on Performance-based Reward Systems Enhancing Employee Performances

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This semester I have decided to focus my research and write about the Performance-Based Reward Systems Enhancing Employee Performances. It would mainly focus on the impacts of reward systems on employee performances in the modern work environment. It will cover the employee’s satisfaction and its effects with their future performance. In organizations, reward is an important issue that has to be effectively managed by the administrators, especially human resource managers. Reward is a strategic human resource management policy that aims to recognize the contributions of employees to the organization as a part of employment relationship contract (Martocchio, 2014; Milkovich, 2014; Ismail, 2017; Razak, 2017).

Additionally, this research will also identify the effect of the different types of company reward systems in its employees’ performance and the most beneficial among all of them in the current business climate it operates in. According to Murphy et al (2015) the purpose of reward systems is to provide a systematic way to deliver positive consequences. Not only does it make a good satisfaction at the work place, but it also serves fundamental purpose to provide positive consequences for contributions to desired performance.

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Lastly, the transformation in business environment and competition in global market had forced the organizations to change their methods of reward management. These changes have shifted the organizational reward management from job-based method to performance-based method in determining employees’ reward according to employees’ skills, knowledge, competencies and/or productivity shown by the employees while performing their jobs (Chang & Hahn, 2006; Ismail & Zakaria, 2009; Milkovich et al., 2014; Ismail et al., 2015; Ismail & Razak 2017). This paper would also focus on employees and their awareness of the relationship between their level of performance and how they are rewarded for it.

Problems to be Investigated

This research aims to answer the following questions:

  1. What are performance-based reward systems?
  2. What are the differences between employee reward systems and recognition systems?
  3. Why is a reward system important in a workplace? Why is employee recognition important?
  4. What are the keys to developing a reward program?
  5. What are the different types of reward systems, and how each of them benefits/helps the employees?
  6. What are the different variables in performance-based system?
  7. What are the different dimensions of performance-based system, and what does interactional justice has to do with them?
  8. What are the different level of performances of employees, and what rewards come with each level?


Upon the availability of duo-tang and printer at home, there will not be any major expenses while conducting the research. Printed resources that are available in Keyano College library will be borrowed and used for the research. All printable resources will be saved in my computer storage to be printed at home for a minimal cost.

Request for Approval

I would like to request your approval for my research topic, and I would gladly appreciate any suggestions on how to improve this paper. Thank you for your consideration and understanding.


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