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Proposed Smart Evacuation Plan For Risk Reduction Management

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The study entitled “A Simulation on Fire Evacuation Routes in primary stage for a historic canal residential area” [19] can really make a huge help unto saving lives. These days, a few past examinations have inquired about catastrophe crisis design because noteworthy safeguarding regions are powerless against debacles as opposed to ordinary city region. The town of Khlong Bang Luang is a noteworthy channel local location, which is an old capital of Thailand before. This region is defenseless against flame catastrophe. In view of the restricted openness drives occupants here to defenselessness for empty on crisis times. Moreover, there are numerous wooden houses stand close, the limited road between houses is badly designed for clearing and some of building materials are dangers to flame calamity. So, this examination proposes to mimic fire clearing courses amid crisis time by utilizing applications to elucidate the readiness of the network getting ready for the best departure way. They trust that a rule of multimodal clearing will be given in view of the further examination additionally to plan design components of the region.

The paper entitled “Numerical Investigation on the Evacuation of Passengers in Metro Train Fire [20]” carried out the FDS+EVAC simulation to study the metro train fire with relatively large density of passengers. They defined the influencing factors through analyzing the contour of harmful gas concentration as well as smoke temperature. By comparing the Required Safe Egress Time (RSET) with Available Safe Egress Time (ASET), the distribution of evacuation safety was predicted. The results of no casualties reflect that the design of the Over Track Exhaust (OTE) system of the tunnel rail track and the lobby ventilation system is suitable, meanwhile, it may bring some guidance to design the new evacuation strategy for the metro station in fire scenery.

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The research entitled “Design and Construction of a GSM SMS based fire Alarm System [21]” discussed how fire caution framework is utilized fundamentally to empty the premises in the occasion or event of a fire condition and after that optionally to report the fire to the correct experts, in this paper essentially a minimal effort fire location and control framework in light of smoke and warmth identification is proposed. The utilization of remote mechanization in all the field of intensity, gas, horticulture and security frameworks has throughout the years gave novel answers for remote activities, in the paper the usage of a SMS based correspondence framework is consolidated to a smoke location framework on account of a fire. The actualized configuration is modest and successful. The SMS sending highlight incorporated into the outline builds the unwavering quality of the framework. The plan has been created since the social and financial cost of catastrophic events which has expanded lately because of populace development, change in arrive utilize examples, relocation and impromptu urbanization, natural corruption and worldwide environmental change. Fire considered being characteristic or artificial, along these lines the administration will give wellbeing of the building tenant and properties. The framework has become visible through the method for motivation to build up a smaller framework, in view of the basic thoughts of wellbeing, security and control.

In the research entitled “Automatic Fire Detecting System: FLAMES (Fire Location and Management E-System) [22]” were fire wellbeing is the arrangement of practices proposed to decrease the demolition caused by flame. Dangers to flame security are usually alluded to as flame risks. The favorable position of having a knowledgeable fire security design is that it empowers the fire-warriors to find out about the area of the fire and the conceivable reasons can be made sense of, according to these reasons fire wellbeing and fire protect techniques can be productively connected. The appearance of innovation in each part of life, modernization includes from giving continuous fire disturbing shrewd signs to an assortment of related exercises that join the different everyday fire station exercises that are considered under “pre-design” before any crisis happens.

The paper presents a low cost and flexible “IoT enabled smart LED controller using Arduino” [23] that is used for emergency exit signs. The Internet of Things (IoT) is become a global network that put together physical objects using network communications for inter-communication of devices, access information on internet, interaction with users as well as permanent connected environment. A crucial point in this paper, is underlined on the potential key points of applying the Arduino platform as low cost, easy to use microcontroller with combination of various sensors applied in IoT technology to facilitate and establishment of intelligent products. To demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the system, devices such as LED strip, combination of various sensors, Arduino, power plug and ZigBee module have been integrated to setup smart emergency exit sign system. The general concept of the proposed system design discussed in this paper is all about the combination of various sensor such as smoke detector sensor, humidity, temperature sensor, glass break sensors as well as camera sensor that are connected to the main controller (Arduino) for the purpose of communicating with LED exit signs displayer and dedicated PC monitors from integrated system monitoring (controller room) through gateway devices using Zigbee module. A critical appraisal of the approach in the area concludes the paper.


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