Pros and Cons of A-frame Homes


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The A-frame house design is one of those house designs that stand out from others. It is easy to notice and understand its structure. It has a high sharp apex with steep roofing which runs all the way down to the ground to resemble the letter A. It is because of this that it is named the A-frame house.

Since the triangle is one of the most stable structures, it is understandable that the A-frame has been in existence for quite a long time now. However, the A-frame came to being in the United States in the 1930s. In the 1950s, their popularity rose to the peeks. At this time, many architects were gearing in a lot of efforts to explore the available options of designs from the parent structure. Having an adventurous nature, many people were willing to taste the new design since the A-frame was mostly used as vacation or as second homes.

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Why is A-frame house plans popular?

There are a variety of aspects that can be attributed to the widespread popularity of the A-frame. After the war, there followed a period of prosperity which drove a lot of people to build new homes which were cheap, easy and fast to construct. The A-frame was at the top of everyone’s list. Its structure is mainly characterized by a sharp roof, with the roofing dropping all the way to the ground, having shingles which are cheap and easier to install than the sidings.

More to this, the A-frame made exceptional second homes for families that did not buy the A-frame idea at first. In the 1950s, the A-frames appeared to be modern and appealing. Their popularity had risen to a level such that the A-frame materials came in ready to use and install.

Some styles of the A-frame involve a small but significant deviation from the parent structure, which tends to image the more traditional buildings. This creates options with more interior spacing and design opportunities for architectures. Some plans also involve extensions from the main A-frame structure, usually in the shape of more traditional buildings. However, these deviations may fail to deliver the best benefits intended by the original A-frame design.

Pros and cons of A-frame homes

A-frame homes are relatively small in space. However, this does not always have to be a worry if you are constructing a new one. Their construction really eats up the interior spaces but a good designer can maximize space and still maintain design and strength.

Most of the time, the upper room in a multistory A-frame is either used as a store or a loft to overlook the open living space. In most cases, the second floor of an A-frame home is either a storage area or a loft overlooking an open living space. As for windows, they are most commonly fitted to the front and back but rarely to the sides. This is ideal for light penetration in the house.

Its roof has to be handled carefully when climbing for maintenance purposes because of its steep nature. In contrast to this, the steep roof is ideal for draining off rainwater and snow more faster than the standard roof.

The strong and firm structure in form of a triangle gives the A-frame an advantage over other designs to withstand harsh climatic conditions like wind storms. This will serve best when choosing this A-frame for vacation purposes where it is let unmaintained for months.

Advantage: Durability

Due to its steep sloped roofing, it sheds away snow faster during winter. This reduces the build-up of snow and hence reduce the risk of the roof collapsing. Since the living rooms are on the ground level, warm air rises to the upper parts making the lower part friendly for any type of climate. Painting of A-frame houses is limited to the gable walls, the cost of maintenance is reduced significantly. paint is needed on the exterior.

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