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Abortion has always been a very controversial topic that many people have strong opinions about. Abortions should be legal and easily accessable to women that need them, wether or not they choose to get an abortion should only ever be a womens choice. Most times women are not stable enough financially to take care of a child, or have been raped and keeping it could be emotionally scarring. If they are not able to give complete love and care for the baby then abortion is a better than raising a neglected child.

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Abortions shouldn’t be illegal because they could be a good financial desicion for the mother. Not all women plan to have a child or are in the right state to look after one. 42% of women having abortions are below the federal poverty level, they dont have enough money to take care of themselves then they cant do the same for a child. Women that are turned away from getting abortions are three times more likely to end up be low the financially stable line than women who were able to get abortions. The “turn aways” can become unemployed and stay in the terrible conditions they were previously in such as an abusive relationships or resort to drugs. Women that have not been able to abort have done other unsafe techniques such as using hangers, other sharp objects, purposely hurt themselves, or have ingested toxic substances such as bleach.Although these methods could prove effective they leave the women with permanent damage, some are never able to have kids again, have internal bleeding and unfortunately most times end up dead. Of the 42 million abortions every year almost 20 million are performed under dangerous conditions which then leads to about 47,000 young women and girls dying because of it.

Another reason abortion shouldnt be illegal is because of the amount of women have become pregnant due to rape. About 32,101 pregnancies result from rape every year. Not only are those pregnancies unwanted but also causes the population to increase by couple thousands. Rape is one of the most traumatizing things a person could go through, a baby would be a constant reminder of that. Having a baby requires a lot of planning and preparation, many unwanted pregnancies could cause mothers to not actually care for the fetus.Women could also go into maternal depression, that is both dangerous for the mom and child. Which could cause them to be born with deffects, low birth weight and even could be at risk of child abuse by a mother who had them unintentionally. The most common vitims of sexual assault range from 12 to 34, a 12 year old is still a child and not fully developed themselves. Having the baby could cause lots of damage to themselves internally and externally. They are also nowhere near ready to be a mother, they would have to give up their future in order to become the mother of a child they didn't wish for, causing the child to feel unwanted and depressed. Lastly, this could also cause a huge strain on family, having to take care of another child and watching their daughter grow up too soon.

Although there are many benefits to abortion there could also be disadvantages, one of those being that it goes against gods word. Some religions are opposed to abortions due to the fact that in the bible it speaks against abortions and spefically states that murder of a fetus/baby is wrong, and it is dileberately destroying life. Another reason abortion is wrong is because some women use it as a way out of having a child they could care for. Women have taken advantage of the option and have done the procedure just for convenience instead of taking responsibility for their actions. Lastly abortions could advocate for a society where human life isnt that valuable. Just as you throw away food or trash you could do the same with a human beings life.

The evidence on abortions strongly shows that abortions are necessary for women. It helps give women a second chance at life they wanted instead of hurting their future and eases the pain for women that were unfortunately empregnated from rape. Despite being viewed as immoral and unethical by some abortion still lies a better alternative then adoption or keeping a neglected child.

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