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  • Salary
  • Health Benefits
  • Holidays and Sick Leave
  • Retirement
  • Communication Skills
  • Good with numbers
  • Logic
  • Computer Skills
  • Physical Requirement

Being a police officer is performing one of the noblest jobs. Being able to work with law enforcement and get a closer look at it is an admiring job. In an economic sense, another good thing about becoming a police officer is its salary range. Thus, it is not surprising to know that there are quite a several aspirants who want to affirm and be a police officer. Although it is not an easy job, it can be a satisfying one. Serving the people and pledging to always prioritize justice is a virtuous act.

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When there are over 4000+ cities around the world in more or less 195 countries in the world today, it goes without saying that we have our own preferences and favorite places to become and serve as police officers.

And one of our picks in South Dakota.

Why South Dakota? Why do we consider South Dakota as the most ideal place to become a police officer?

There is actually a long tally of reasons for that. But then again, here are the few reasons that may convince you why South Dakota is the best place indeed:


Of course, let’s be more practical. Let’s look closer at the salary range of the police officers operating in South Dakota. How much do they earn?

South Dakota actually offers a competitive salary wage for cops. That makes the place one of the ideal sites to work as a police officer.

With the training alone, aspirants receive a monthly salary base of more or less $4,300. And after their training, it increases to $4,500 more or less monthly without the deduction on the room or board cost. And it will continue to increase and raises based on merit.

Health Benefits

Aside from the salary, health and life insurance are as well being offered to police officers in South Dakota. As a police officer of the site, they are going to shoulder the health insurance for you and your family.

Sounds great, right? It didn’t there. You don’t really have to worry anymore about what tomorrow holds for life insurance benefits are as well being provided to their police officers. Their department pays a premium of roughly $100,000 for life insurance, accidental death, and dismemberment policy for sworn officers. Any other additional coverage may be given to their employee and their dependents.

Holidays and Sick Leave

For holidays and sick leave, police officers in South Dakota can still receive their due pays. Sick leave arises at 8 hours per month. They may as well use up to 80 hours per year to tend to the needs of their immediate families such as their wives, children, and parents who are ill or who are needing medical assistance or services.

They as well have ten paid holidays and if your day off happened to be on one of those holidays, then you are guaranteed to have another day-off. Those who are assigned to work during holidays are entitled to an overtime fee at the rate of 1.5 times the hourly salary for each hour worked.


Retirement for South Dakota police officers can be around the age of 55 with 10 years of experience or what they call the Rule of 80. When you reach the said retirement age, then you are now entitled to the retirement benefits.

Now, what do you think? Isn’t South Dakota is a perfect place indeed for you to be a police officer?

With the desire and great passion firing inside of you to become a qualified police officer in South Dakota. Here is how some of the things you need to know in becoming a law enforcement officer:

You must have an associate’s degree or at least 64 hours of college from a university or institution.

Or you must have at least four years of experience in law enforcement service.

Or you must have at least four years of experience serving the military. It should be full-time.

Or a corresponding combination of education and experience.

Must be at least 21 years of age

Must be a US citizen

Does not have any past crime relating to a felony or any serious misdemeanor offense or the equivalents.

Must have a driver’s license.

Aside from those basic and primary requirements needed in becoming a police officer in South Dakota, here are some of the skills you need to take note of for you to be an eligible candidate:

Communication Skills

Communication skills are essential in performing your duties and responsibilities as a police officer. You need to have a very keen skill when it comes to communication. The ability to write, read and comprehend documents, safety rules, instructions, and manuals are one of the basics you need to master. And for that, you need very good communication skills. With good communication skills, then you are as well capable of writing written reports as well as verbal reports which are needed and a highly required skill as a police officer.

Good with numbers

You don't need to be a mathematical or numbers geek. But, it is as well as important to be sharp and witty when it comes to numbers. What is needed is your ability to do simple functions such as to add, subtract, divide and multiply. As well as to compute ratio, percentage and to illustrate and translate graphs.


Your reasoning skills are much appreciated and valued when you are planning to become a police officer. This is your ability to answer analytical questions and solve practical problems and deal with such situations with only limited standardization. Of course, it is necessary. It is self-explanatory but for you to really understand well why it is a needed skill for a police officer, it is because it is commonly used in their field of work. Such abilities should be furnished especially in translating such instructions into a written, oral or diagram form of methodology.

Computer Skills

Of course, in the age of information technology, it is already included in the list of the preferred skills in becoming a police officer. Knowing the basic knowledge of MS Office is essential to perform their routine reports and the equivalents.

Physical Requirement

In becoming a police officer, it is essential that one is physically fit and suitable to carry out and effectively accomplish the task needed for the job. As a police officer, one of your greatest capital is your body. Staying fit and healthy is the utmost priority. They are quite strict in this matter it is because you must have the ability to protect yourself well first before you could protect others.

There are still a lot more things you need to look upon to and consider if you are really eager to become a police officer. You must as well have the ability to work under pressure, to be always ready 24-hours, always calm, and the ability to make sound decisions when faced with greatly unexpected situations.

If you want to be a police officer and after reading this text you find some faults in yourself, don’t be discouraged just yet. If after assessing yourself and you have concluded that it does not fit you, well, this is the only thing we can say, “if there’s a will, there’s away.”

Indeed, the road to becoming a police officer is not a plain one, but on contrary, a very messed up and rough road. You will have many sacrifices to make, there will come a time wherein you need to turn another way or stop yourself from doing what you really want for the common good, and that itself is already a noble act.

South Dakota may not be the only place you can be around to perform your duties and job as a police officer. Because obviously speaking, every corner of the world needs a law enforcement officer such as cops.

Not just in South Dakota, per se. So, don’t be discouraged if ever you find it hard to relocate to South Dakota. Or if you can't work in South Dakota. It can be a perfect place to work as a police officer, as to how we say, and as to how others say and as to how your friends say, but then, at the end of the day, only you could determine that.

Only you have the capacity to know where you really want to be. And sometimes, it is not about the place. You can be in the happiest city but still, feel lonely. Or you could be in the middle of a jungle and still feel the serenity.

Happiness is what holds and molds our purpose. The same as becoming a police officer. If you have thoughts and dreams of becoming a police officer someday, don’t give up on it just because of the struggles and trials in your way.

Becoming a police officer is such an honorable dream. You should take pride in yourself for having such determination in sacrificing even your own life for the safety of the people. We are proud of you, and we would like to have more people like you. So, strive hard and always look at the brighter side. You are on your way. Don’t stop and continue to move forward. Don’t let the trials stumble you off your feet. Don’t let it be your setbacks. Don’t stop believing. Because the best way to start your way to the road of becoming a police officer lies in your state of mind. 

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