Pros and Cons of Being a Millennial

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Pros And Cons Of Being a Millennial

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Born in 1982, I considered myself to be lucky to be born in the time that I was. With all of the advances our world has made technologically, socially, and economically, I am lucky to witness these transitions.

At my age, I am fortunate to experience how millennial generation has come to change our way of living and how it affects mostly the young ones. But all of these changes have the advantages and disadvantages. Below are some of them which got my attention.

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  1. Pro: They have a voice unlike any other. The youth of today are very vocal and frank when it comes to what they feel. Even the young ones are able to express whether they are hurt and what they don’t like what they see.
  2. Con: They think it’s cool not to care. Yes, they can express what they feel but they are not aware of the consequences of their action. They don’t care about what one would feel of being vocal or how it will affect him when it fires back on him. This is how stress and depression take place to an individual and gradually kill his dignity.
  3. Pro: They love to take pictures. Every moment in their lives is considered precious and first time. They love to document everything, from funny to embarrassing moment, from simplest to wackiest. They appreciate everything.
  4. Con: They are exposed to social media. Since they love to take pictures, they update and upload pictures of them which may lead their lives in danger. Pictures they post are being traced and studied by criminals. They cannot live without internet which a gateway for them to different vices and pornos.
  5. Pro: They own the world of technology. They make used of different electronic devices as a source of learning. They can use smartphone to produce film, create games, and become computer geeks.
  6. Con: They are socially illiterate. Since they are hooked up with different technologies, theoretically, they know the knowledge but they don’t know how to communicate properly. They get irritated easily. They are not used to say the magic words of good manners.
  7. Pro: They are the focus of their parents. Their parents try to give everything what they want and what they need. The attention they are looking for are being shown. They don’t let their children get hurt.
  8. Con: They are unable to cope with reality. Being the focus of their parents, they are not aware of the reality of life. Many of the children today are not in school, drop out or out of school. They become dominant over their parents.

As teachers, we are considered as the second parents, we have the power to make these “cons” to be “pros”. We should let them realize the value of life. Yes, modernization of our lives is important but traditional values and attitudes are still precious and valuable.

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