Pros and Cons of Homework and Why No Homework Policy Should not Be Implemented

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Homework is one of the crucial part of everyone's education. It improves the student learnings and ability to have an advanced knowledge about the lesson yet it lessen the time of every child to make bond with their families and also can be a burden to them. Homework has this negative and positive sides for every students as it is one of the key for student's improvement and competitiveness because from this, they can gather and get more informations and ideas about the future lesson. Whereas, it can be an addition for their work and stresses them out for they can't do it alone. 'No homework' policy is a law by which limits the teachers to give an excessive homework in their students. This policy aims to help children create a time to bond with their parents and have time to rest. Most people agreed to this law especially students but some are not especially the teachers.

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As a learner, I am disfavor to this policy because it just let students be slothful and aloof from what they must be. Through doing homeworks, they can obtain higher knowledge that can reach good quality of education and use it for the better future. Excessive homeworks are not that bad to be considered because through this, you can also make bond to your parents by engaging them while doing your homework. And by that, they will understand your academic matters and guide you at the same time. Homework was not a burden for every students because as the result of having this, students will be prepared on the possible challenges they may take in the future as they can develop problem-solving skills and creative thinking skills. ,The main purpose why teachers are giving homework is for the students to be ready and active during the discussion. Homework is like a way of giving the students an advance and initial understanding about the lesson for the next day. Through this, they will be able to answer questions that may be ask to them. As the 'no homework' policy was being issued, I am quite disfavor to this. Yes I am a student and I am also experiencing excessive homeworks that stresses me out but I realized that those are our responsibility as a student and indeed a part of education. I am also aware that those homeworks can help us to be what we want to be and to attained what we want to attain.

Everything in this world are just temporary so we must accept and get ready for any responsibility we may have. If you are a student, do not complain with all the challenges and problems in terms of excessive homeworks and projects because in the future, those things can be your weapon to win. It is natural to suffer because we are human and it is part of our lives. All we need to do is to find the reason why we are here and why we should strive harder. 'No homework' policy has no good for most of students because it will just drop opportunities for them and will not help them to achieved critical thinking that can be use in the future. As Merlin Olsen once stated, 'One of life's most painful moments comes when we must admit that we didn't do our homework, that we are not prepared'.

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