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Pros and Cons of Lowering the Drinking Age

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My rhetorical making was a PowerPoint about underage drinking and how it is not worth it. My making is made to persuade teens to not take part in underage drinking. The context of this essay will focus on young teens who actually drink underage also. Drinking underage is illegal, but also extremely dangerous to your body. It causes blackouts, effects on the brain and liver, risky sexual behavior, and death. Teens who drink underage are putting themselves at risk of going to jail. Underage drinking tends to affect the way teens learn in school. People who drink heavily tend to have hangovers and end up skipping class which can lead to a decline in grades. I believe my making was effective because my rhetorical making fits the audience that I presented very well, my audience was my classmates which most of them are underage. In this making, I want to convince teens that alcohol consumption should be decreased to remove injures, reduce harmful sexual behavior and death.

My making was explained through a PowerPoint presentation, through it I wanted to help teens to understand the consequences and problems that come with underage drinking, or drinking at all. The first audience of this making pertains to students who are in college or high school. I think the second audience could be children who drink alcohol. In detail, the audience of my making are teens of the age eighteen through twenty because they’re underage in the united states to drink. To make it relatable there is a video that most young adults or teens can relate to. I also included a picture of two teens that were in a dangerous wreck. Many drivers wreck at the age of sixteen to twenty is caused by alcohol intake. Teens should not drink underage because it can cause death. The death of a teen in my making is an emotional appeal that leans toward pathos perspective.” Excessive drinking is responsible for more than 4,300 deaths among underage youth each year”.(“Alcohol”). The message in the making is to get teens to understand how to make better decisions before doing something under the influence that most likely can harm you or someone around you if it is not managed with care. The purpose of my rhetorical making is seeing teens my age try to fit in, die from drinking and driving, and getting sexually assaulted by drinking under the influence is sad. Underage drinking causes blackouts normally when you intake a large consumption of alcohol too quickly. Underage drinking causes loss of memory which can damage your future adulthood. Drinking alcohol can cause liver disease. When your liver tries to break down the alcohol the chemical reaction damages your cells. Drinking alcohol also raises your blood pressure and can conduct disease of your heart muscles called cardiomyopathy. Also, drinking at a young age can affect the brain because large amounts of alcohol for long periods of time can risk developing serious and persistent changes in the brain. The effects on the brain from drinking can cause difficulty walking, talking, vision, and memory of events.

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The videos and images that are in my making help me to explain my point these two things are positive constraints. There are also stats of teens who binge drink at events with others. The undeveloped brain of upcoming teens twenty-one or younger can be a negative constraint to the making. Getting addicted to alcohol is a negative effect of alcohol utilization. In my rhetorical making, I attached a picture of a young adult brain full of alcohol. Alcohol drinking can cause brain cells to be damaged which may kill brain cells. The video that was displayed from my PowerPoint was an interview with a young female teen. She explained every time she would drink she seen drinking as a less serious activity. The teens also explained they would drink so much that they sooner or later didn’t realize how they were acting. Numerous underage drinkers see liquor as cool, which makes them feel like grown-ups. Teens likewise feel that submerging themselves in liquor will make their issue less of a worry. They tend to overlook that it could prompt dependence, family partition, untrustworthiness, and many other conceivable impacts.” Underage undergraduates were 23% less likely to use a condom during sexual intercourse when they were drunk.”(“drinking”). Youth drinkers are twice as likely as non-drinkers to have had unwanted sex. When you’re under the influence you tend to make decisions you’re not aware of. “In a study of college females, if a young woman’s first sexual intercourse involves alcohol, it is more likely to be unplanned and involve much older and casual partners.”(“drinking”). Alcohol intoxication can lead teens into being raped or sexually assaulted. Foremost, young teens drink even though they understand that alcohol influences their basic leadership and may make them participate in sexual practices they would not being sober. These events can be traumatic for any victim who faces them, this is why it is important to not drink if you are not the legal age to do so.

In this essay I am the rhetor as an underage teen, I can relate to my peers who encounter these certain situations. My credibility comes from my experiences of these certain things and witnessing others drink on this very campus. Being a student myself I’ve noticed how promptly accessible drinking really is. In college, there is no regulation of who consumes liquor and how much you drink. The ethos appeal of my making is that when teens turn twenty-one, you are a legal adult which means you are responsible for all actions you make. I know we as teens take things lightly heartedly, but underage drinking and binge drinking are serious matters and they both can lead to negative outcomes. If we become more aware and understand these things there would be fewer tragedies for us and our families who care for us and our well-being. It is important that you make the right decision and do not drink underage. Since I am also under the age to drink alcohol I think health, vision, and life itself are more important than the use of alcohol. If you start to drink at a young age there is a higher chance of you having a stroke. Also, you have to be careful because it is also extremely dangerous to drink. After all, you can have a family history of heart failure, diabetes, or cancer.

My making of underage drinking is to persuade teens to take of their lives and health to make a great decision and say no to alcohol. Causing death at a young age from drinking is not worth the decrease of your life span. Drinking for a while can cause addiction with a negative effect on both physical and mental health. This making is very important when we as young teens are trying to pursue a career later in life. Drinking will hinder your adult life and can cause you to lose everything even your loved ones. The PowerPoint is a visual of how dangerous drinking can be to children, teens, and adults. I chose this topic because I think it is important. After all, teens are putting their lives in danger. To me, underage drinking is not worth it. 


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