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Pros and cons of medium marketing

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As medium selling concerned newspapers, magazines, net advertising, spam, radio, billboards, banners, books, televisions and conjointly cable televisions. These ways in which area unit adopt by marketers to lift their sales and for earning most level of come with low risk, less value and effectively managing customer’s wants, desires and demands.

Print media selling could be a ancient means that’s in valuable than the social media marketing. Social media involves websites or code employed by marketers for advertising or launching a replacement product in market.

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As this world could be a international village so social media is most well-liked than medium selling. However social media contains exchange of ideas through victimization YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and IMO etc. These area unit electronic that} of advertising which needed high value with low level of margin.

Pros of medium marketing:

Print media means that outside marking. So, there area unit totally different blessings of medium selling. These area unit bellows discussed:

1- Relatively cheap than social media marketing: Print media selling is cheap then social media selling. Nowadays many of us opt to the medium selling. Busy individuals browse at any news victimization medium print selling.

2- 24/7 visibility: Print media selling give the ability to twenty four hour and seven days during a week. It means that every body but he’s an excessive amount of busy will browse out news, broachers, magazines and acquire information’s regarding you merchandise.

3- Number one media for native advertising: At native level, marketers will communicate regarding their merchandise simply to any or all over the country. Medium selling is most wanted for native advertising as a result of the individuals browse the news at anywhere or at any time.

4- Customers appearance for ads in newspapers: In medium selling customers look the various ads in newspaper. Newspaper attracts the marketer’s individuals. Salesmen browse the newspaper at any time and see the various ads for brand spanking new product to launch in market.

5- Delivered timely messages: Print media selling delivered timely message to the individuals. Largely opt to the medium as a result of newspaper convey the first of all message to the people.

Other blessings of medium marketing:

  • o Readers area unit actively concerned
  • o Copy house is unlimited
  • o Great color and picture copy
  • o Layout flexibility
  • o Long life
  • o Easy to focus on selling
  • o Pass on exposure
  • o The proliferation security of viruses and spam
  • o Greatest means for hiring attentions to specific campaigns
  • o Gives business a big boost level once attaching with readerships
  • o Easy medium for creation of speedy awareness regarding your merchandise
  • o Allow you to settle on your own means for advertising

Cons of medium marketing:

There area unit some totally different disadvantages of medium selling. These area unit bellows discussed:

Limited leadership: The leadership of medium selling is restricted as a result of it’s used for advertising solely at social level. international transactions area unit troublesome. so social media selling is employed that shows the disadvantage of medium selling.

Poor written image quality: Another con of medium advertising is poorly restricted pictures quality that’s utilized in magazines and newspapers by the marketers.

No management over add placement: As advertising through broachers, books, magazines and newspaper area unit used at public place that produce no management over add placement that’s the mostdrawback or obstacle within the running means of medium selling.

Expensively because of increamental of cost: Print media selling contains high level of costly that creates increments in prices that’s the disadvantage of medium selling over the social media selling.

Shelf- lifetime of medium is limited: The lifetime of medium is restricted as a result of it will be destroyed by children’s or waste out due to occurring any form of accident at road.

Others Disadvantages Of medium Marketing:

  • Limited viewing time
  • Too common
  • Takes time to update
  • Language drawback
  • It doesn’t provide to a lot of flexibility


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