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MRI imaging technology is very useful to detect the structure of an atom on various levels MRIs can detect certain tumors and cancers which ultimately is what allows doctors to know how to diagnose and treat patients which is needed to save lives. If we continue to increase funding into the structure of the atom scientists might find even more applications and techniques that would be a huge benefit to many people who are struggling with health problems.Not only will it help people but it will give us a deeper understanding of how the universe works at an atomic level. We will have a better understanding by doing more research, the interactions of small particles within the atom will become clearer, and it will teach doctors different reactions that come from them when put in certain situations and will provide them with results.These results will help doctors have a higher ability in approaching the situation more accurately when they know how they react and work.

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It is very expensive to research atomic structure; the problem is the funding itself. Many people who live in Ontario can’t afford high technology which means they will not have access to it it will only be available to certain people in certain demographicsAlso, many experiments are costing a lot but not showing any results or are giving inaccurate results which means its a waste of money to continue funding projects that aren’t helping even helping anyone. The wavelengths that are associated with the range are 380 nm to 750 nm. Niels Bohr’s model of the atom says that colours in the line spectra are emitted by electrons. I also know that light is a range of electromagnetic radiation. The difference between these two lines is the transition of electrons from higher orbitals to low orbitals. The line in the visible spectrum is an electron transitioning from the fifth orbital down to the second, while the line that occurs in the UV portion is from the sixth orbital down to the second.Ultraviolet light has greater energy so it requires more energy to produce. This means that the electron transition that produces ultraviolet light must be larger than the transition that produces for ex: the violet light.

a) pic at the very bottom

b) Ions are formed by losing or gaining electrons in outer shells to obtain more stable electron configurations to be like noble gases. Zr 4+ exists because by losing 4 electrons, it would have the electron configuration of the noble gas, Kr. This happens by removing the electrons from the 4d and 5s orbitals.

c) The Zr ion is more stable because after the 4 electrons are removed the valence shell is completely filled making it much less likely to react. It has the same electron configuration as krypton which is a noble gas.

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