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Pros & Cons Of Nursing Career

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Nursing is one of the most profitable and challenging career you choose. You will have the opportunity to care for people frequently while working with the current technology in a few of the most interesting setting. Nursing students face a lot of challenges whilst studying such as: time management, finance ,peer-support, family commitments, mental health issue, family support, self confidence ,communication, discrimination and culture. Time management is a big problem for nursing students because they got to make time for everything.

Nursing is very challenging and stressful because when you add the course work, reading for homework and the clinical work, there isn’t really enough time. Students need to set priorities straight and decide how they’re going to organize their time. They can’t expect to be on social all the time because nursing is a very important course now you’re going to be dealing with different patients and helping them to get better. Some students think that they can balance their social life, education and work life all together when they can’t and this causes a lot of stress and make their work priorities hard and education priorities causing some of them to drop the course as they believe that it is too much stress for them. In order for them to reduce the work load they need to sacrifice some of their social life and this would therefore reduce stress and make them set their priorities straight.

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Finances could be another challenge for nursing students because they may have financial responsibilities beside school such as pay for mortgages, rents and taking care of their family. Some of them don’t know that they have scholarships and bursary that would help them through their financial issues and this makes them waste a lot of their money. And even if they know about the scholarship, they might not have the time to fill out any of the form since they are working a lot of shifts.Also, the economic status in the country makes it difficult for student to gain scholarship and this can also Cause them to go into loaning to study nursing and can also cause future debt for the person and further financial problems.

Another issue would also be family commitments, some of the nurses are married and have kids so they may have to create time for their kids which is a parental responsibilities. This causes financial problems for the nursing students as they have to pay for child support and also try to cater for the child while trying to fit in work life to gain money to take care of the child. They sometimes have little family members to help them with the responsibility of child support and this adds on to the stress of child support. The cost of day care, transport, and after-hours report often impacts the nursing student’s classroom, clinical, and study time. Family support is another challenge nurses face because some of the nursing students have kids but they don’t have sibling, parents or relatives to help look after the child. Mental Health Issue could also be a challenge for nurse because they could be diagnosed with a mental illness such as depression or stress and they may not be able to concentrate properly in their nursing courses.

Communication could also be a challenge if they can’t communicate verbally (speaking) and writing.Most of the nursing student might have been born during the the times when technology is advancing and this therefore cause some lifestyle to be changed, like communicating to people. They prefer text as a form of communication as they don’t have to verbally talk to the person and their confidence wouldn’t be affected. They don’t like to verbally talk as they feel nervous and probably don’t like interacting with new people and this might therefore cause miss communication between people and can cause problems within the nursing society. Self confidence could be a challenge for student nurses because student may feel that they can’t do the task given to them because of fear, so in order to conquer your fear you have to have faith or confidence in your self even if u think u can’t do it. Self confidence is required in nursing in order to provide good care. Having self confidence is very vital for care giving. To much self confidence can cause problem because you think you can do Certain task when u really can’t do it.

Peer support support take place when people contribute knowledge, experiences, emotional, social or practical help to each other it, but without peer support it could be a challenge because student undertake(work) different shifts and hour, so they won’t be able to help each other out with assignment. Culture may be a challenge also because people learn differently from different culture I believe so it’s difficult for them.Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. In this modern society people tend to discriminate other to bring up themselves.Age younger people tend to understand more about technology than older people.

NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination- Registered Nurse) could be referred to as all boards of nursing in states and territories of the United States require candidates to pass this exam for licensure as a registered nurse (RN). There are two types which is NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN. Passing the NCLEX could also be very challenging for nursing students because if they fail the exam they may have to keep doing it over until they passed it because if they don’t pass it they can’t receive their nursing license which could be very stressful and challenging. The NCLEX started in the year 1994 in the US and 2015 in Canada. 230,569 student have took this test in the year 2017 for NCLEX-RN and 63,728 in 2017 NCLEX-PN. The language spoken is english and French and the test will be done on a computer.


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