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Pros & Cons Of Whatsapp & Hike Direct Social Networking Tools

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Currently Smartphone plays a very important role in ones life. It is hard to find people without smartphone. Definitely each person will be in any one social networking tools in which they find convenient and ease to use.WhatsApp is one such tools which helps person to share their views, images, videos and files from anywhere around the globe. Hike direct is another social networking tools which facilitate peer to peer communications. This paper compares this two social networking tool and analysis on their pros and cons.


The smartphones has become a vital part of life in today’sgeneration. Nowadays teaching is exploring the social networking environment, especially in whatsapp[1]. Even though whatsapp brings many issues to us[5] it has becomevery popular tool for the teens to chat[6].

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Pros and Cons of Whatsapp and Hike Direct

WhatsApp offers a wide area supportnetworking[2].It also brings under its umbrella for efficient communication purpose[10]. One major advantage is it is free of cost[8]. It helps us in sharing files, pictures [4], the major drawback is it makes the teen to get addicted and showing their self-respect to their friends and families[3] Most of the whatsapp’s communication media is text oriented rather than making a call to the persons[7]. The text, Images, file,video can be sent [4] only if internet is available. To make the notifications visible without the help of internet the concept called hike direct is used. Hike direct makes a connection to device of only 100 meters.

The speedrate is upto 40mbps.Hike direct is similar to whatsapp we can send text, images, video to only one it is a peer to peer communication. But in Whatsapp we can send messages to a group [1]. Like emojis[9] in hike we have a concept called stickers which is used according to the mood of users. Like Whatsapp have status Hike Direct have those silly and goofy moments getting shared with our Friends with My Story, now you can share your raw moments as they happen, after 48 hours ‘Poof!’ they disappear Hike contains the facilities of voice and video call as of whatsapp . The id of a particular person can be blocked using their contact number.

Literature Survey

[1]Whatsapp brings a bridge of communication to the pupils who are in schools and to teachersThe students fell easier in learning through whatsapp.[2]In social networking the whatsapp and FB plays an important role to the education and brings feedback to the teachers who teaches it.[3]the socialnetworking brings an audition to teens in showing their confidence in ones own worth and their emotional need to a accepted member or group.[4]in the whatsapp it has brought the richness of media for learning to the student.[5]The whatsapp is facing many problems and issues but it has hope to the people[6]The teen life has become trend in rapidly sending the instant messages to the group [7]

The paper brings to knowledge that the most of the people text more than making a call[8] The paper brings a look of about how the messengers use the messaging size than the concept of sms.[9]The emojis which has the expression of humans used by people to show emotions in particular time. [10] The whatsapp brings an immediate actions to communicate to people who texted to themConclusion:This paper gives an alternative solution hike direct which could be used to send notifications without interenet instead of whats app .in future work a peer to peer communication can be changed to many to many communication in hike direct.


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