Pros & Cons on Immigration in America

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Pros and Cons on Immigration in America

The population of immigrants in America has been on the rise since 1990. Mexicans remain to be most of these immigrants, followed by Asians. The current US president has focused on controlling the flow of people from Mexico which has not been easy since it is a neighboring country. Counting the immigrants together with their US-born children their percentage of the whole nation’s population is more significant than ever recorded. Years back America was, and with its level of industrialization, there was high demand for labor. Doors were opened for foreigners from all over the world so long as they would work in factories, steel mill, railroads to mention but a few areas.

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As visitors moved into the country, they loved the living conditions offered to them, and they chose to settle and start families. On seeing how well they were doing their fellow countrymen were attracted too, and this is how the high immigration numbers came into being. Some Americans are not bothered by the vast number of foreigners in their soil, but there are some who complain and say that these immigrants are draining the economy. The high population of foreigners in America has affected the nation both positively and negatively. However, it should be contained since it is what many of the native citizens want.

Despite the policies put in place to monitor the movement of new immigrants into the US they have not been effective due to illegal immigration. Most of the foreigners within America’s border are not authorized. The problem with this is that they are not budgeted for and therefore overexploit availed resources. Those supporting the deportation of immigrants blame them for the congestion experienced in public places (Huth). These people argue that the presence of too many immigrants in America is making them suffer and miss on some quality public services. In other words, there is an unfair distribution of national wealth. The available country’s wealth and job opportunities may not be enough even for the native citizens, adding immigrants make the situation almost unbearable. The notion of having to share the country’s resources with those who do not have that right adds weight to the con of immigration.

Another con of immigration is crowding. Usually, these foreigners like staying in specify regions together which makes these places to be densely populated. The government is obligated with giving more funds to these areas at the expense of other low populated places. It is therefore unfair since taxpayers’ money is not distributed evenly. Also, the hosts incur a cost in providing health facilities and education to the immigrants. Some people argue that these expenses incurred in providing for foreigners nullify all the economic gains they might have helped a nation earn (Messerli). In fact, in cases where the immigrants are in plenty the financial burden they put on the government exceeds their productivity in the economy. Those opposing immigration see how the money spent on these immigrants would have been put on other national projects. More resources and job opportunities will be available to sustain the native citizens.

The movement of immigrant causes the prevalence of new diseases. Some of the immigrants come into the use with an illness that is communicable and end up spreading it to local citizens. But this can be controlled by thoroughly doing a medical checkup on an immigrant before he or she is given passage into the nation. To add on more weight on this, AIDs is believed to have been brought into America through a Haitian immigrant that was infected. The leading cause of conflict is the lack of common ground between two or more parties. The foreigners in America are from various backgrounds which mean different language and culture, because of this difference collision and hostility is more likely. But all this can be avoided by opposing immigration into the US. Terrorists use the channel of immigrants to move to America. And after planning their crimes, they are more catastrophic because of the advantage of being plotted from within the nation’s borders. Therefore, these cons add on to the argument that by stopping the migration of people into America the level of terrorism and other forms of crime will be tremendously reduced.

Despite the above cons associated with immigration it also has some pros. For instance, it results in an open global market by giving a universal outlook to economic and social growth expanding the horizons of development. The population of immigrants keeps the progression of growth moving forward. In most developed nations the fertility rate is quite low, and people tend to have at most two children. It poses a threat because when the population gets old; there will be an economic burden that can only be youths entering the workforce. In the US this matter is sorted out by the immigrant’s high birth rate.

According to supporters of immigration, this group helps in financing social security and keeps pension funds. It also goes without having to mention that immigrants are the founders of most prominent companies in America (Mansur). They are job creators who have helped in developing the US into an innovation and entrepreneurial hub. Combining the entrepreneurial force of these foreigners with America’s high tech, it will boost innovation and put the nation at a more competitive edge worldwide. Some industries require cheap labor which native citizens might not be willing to provide. In such a case the immigrants come in and accept to work at the low wages which is beneficial to the industries (Chang 27).

The migration of Immigrants enriches the local communities with other cultural values. Through this process, knowledge is trades and relations between nations made stronger. Also, the country (US) gets to grow due to the availability of new perspectives and ideas. America is a nation that is loved by many people so when they are given an opportunity to the country, they assimilate very well into its society. It is therefore natural for these immigrants to become part of the nation and abide by the rules. Those in support of immigration also argue that since most refugees come to the US seeking a better life allowing them seems to be the act for a humanitarian nation that is always advocating for equal treatment among people.In conclusion, despite the many pros and cons that are there on the issue of migration, the government should listen to what most of the citizens have to say. People will cast their votes after weighing both sides. With the occurrence of incidences such as the 9/11 and other terror attacks, most American citizens will not be in favor of immigration.

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