Prostitution Should not Be Legalized

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Prostitution is known as the “ practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with some payment, so in another word, you’re giving your body to another person for money in return for sex. This is also known as “ whoring, street walking, sex tourism, hooking, dating whoredom and more. Prostitution is a way for a man or woman to benefit themselves by selling the thing that is most wanted, their bodies. This is an act of taking part in an activity or practice promiscuous sexual activity mainly for the money in return. On is says “ prostitution has been in existence for ages, going back to the Byzantine, Roman, Greek, and Egyptian Empires. Ironically, the ancient religions of those eras dealt with the needs of the group and consequently developed protocols for dealing with sexual relations that have propagated throughout time to the modern era.” It seems prostitution may not disappear any time soon despite some laws that are given now.

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Prostitution starts in many different ways more than you may think from escorts to the strippers, bar girls/boys who are known hustlers, table dancers that work at nightclubs, bars, and strip joints primarily. Then come house girls that work in big groups who are either run by a woman also known as the female recruiter or a pimp as the male recruiter. These women/men have little to no freedom when it comes down to selecting who they may want to do business with and cannot turn down the client that is given to them by the female or male recruiter. After they come the bottom two classes of this practice are the streetwalkers and drug addicts. The streetwalkers are prostitutes that are located at a specific location. They dress very provocatively to attract their next customer. Drug addicts are men/women who would trade their bodies for drugs or the money for those drugs. All 5 of these practices determine how much freedom, how many options are given, and the entry and exit in the sex industry you choose to take part in. There are many different types of prostitution here’s some. There are brothels, escorts, sex tourism, virtual sex, and gigolo.

Brothels are establishments that are specifically dedicated to prostitution, often restricted to places like red-light districts in big cities. Other names for this are whorehouse, cathouse, or knocking shop. In escort prostitution, the act will most likely take place in a hotel room or at the escort’s home or for the hotel that is specifically rented for this occasion by the escort. Sex tourism is traveling for sexual activities with a prostitute or to engage in sexual activity with the prostitute. Virtual sex is the sexual act the takes play by messages not physically. And last but not least there’s gigolo, a man who has numerous sexual relationships with different women and also receives financial support from a woman, he’s either an escort or hired as a dance partner for a woman.

The causes of prostitution are usually because of the lack of financial resources, moral value, low education level, family problems, mental deficiency, or the feeling of abandonment all this may lead up to joining this practice. When you take part in this practice is comes with a consequence mentally and physically. In some state it is illegal to prostitute if you get charged for this is will them be on your record and it may stop you from getting a good job or any job. On Muhammad. ie it says that “prostitution, in itself is intrinsically traumatizing. At an individual level, the harm is physical, social, emotional, and psychological.” This act causes a mental problem in a man/woman which affects them in the long run. They also say “ the harm extends to all women/men and humanity as a whole – socially, culturally, and globally. When one human person is degraded, all are degraded”.

Prostitution is a form of violence against more women than man it causes them to become traumatized. There are many levels of harm after all this is done, there is emotional and physical harm after being objectified. Physical damage leads to the act of prostitution. On Muhammad. ie it says that “ when a human being is reduced to a body, objectified to sexually service another, whether or not there is consent, the violence of the human being has taken place”.

Below is a chart is a charter of percentages of Countries with legal, illegal, and limitedly legal prostitution of the 100 countries from this website also it has the population total number and % of the total countries. These are the countries that were chosen in of geographical religions, major religions policies toward prostitution. Some of this information comes from government documents regarding prostitution such as laws, court decisions, employment information, and more.

Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession and it’s been a part of our world’s cutler since the beginning of time. Some men have been feeling the need to pay for sex whether it’s legal or not. Prostitution is a worldwide controversy and it is something a lot of people are comfortable with talking about because it’s been around for so long. It has its pros and con to it people who are involved in the sex industry are either willing or are forced to do it. In this society, we all have different points of view on this issue. Some people are against it and some are agreeing to make this legal. Whether or not it’s legal most people look at this as degrading work. Serious crimes such as human trafficking, drug-related crimes, and commercial sexual exploitation of children all lead to prostitution. Health risks STD accompany this activity this profession can bring all types of sexually transmitted disease and can leave you clueless of where you got it because of the numerous customers. “Reaching sex workers is a critical effort for public health. Not only are sex workers at risk for higher rates of HIV and other STDs, but sex workers who are unaware of their HIV status can also endanger their own health and increase their risk of transmitting HIV or STIs to others”.

The risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases is high among persons who exchange sex for money. Persons who are exchanging sex for money are at increased risk of getting or giving HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases because they are more likely to engage in very risky sexual behavior which includes having sex without condoms and or more than one partner at a time and substance use. Those who exchange sex more as a regular job source of income are at a higher risk of getting HIV than those who do it now and then.

It’s very important that people who participate in this profession get tested for STDs and HIV regularly. These people may not use condoms regularly and there are severe factors that may lead to this like the fact that the person who is exchanging sex may receive more money for sex without a condom than with it or it may be a regular customer that they are comfortable with. Many people who take part in this profession may not know their HIV status because they do not know where to get access to available services to help with this or are not comfortable with sharing private information about their sexual activity and substance use.

This practice can lead to multiple problems and one of them is mental health and it isn’t being spoken about because most workers are silenced or afraid to come forward about how they feel after taking part in this profession. On it says that “female ex-prostitutes had significantly higher stress response, somatization, depression, fatigue, frustration, sleep, smoking and alcohol problems, and more frequent and serious PTSD symptoms than the other groups” even “Helping activists also had significantly higher tension, sleep and smoking problems, and more frequent and serious PTSD symptoms than control subjects.”.

Engagement in prostitution may increase the risks of being exposed to more violence, which may psychically and mentally traumatize not only the prostitutes but it can also to it to also those who help them, and that the effects of the trauma last for a very long time. On it states that “a recent study of 854 women in prostitution in 9 countries reported that 70 – 95% of the women experience physical assault, among which 60 – 75% had been raped. Similarly in Korea, where prostitution is illegal, prostitutes experience sexual and physical violence. In a study of 100 Korean women in prostitution, 96% of respondents answered that they experienced physical danger from weapons, physical violence, and injury from rape. Direct or indirect exposure to traumatic events in the course of prostitution is associated with psychological problems, including PTSD.” PTSD can come from extreme traumatic events that are directed towards the prostitute or actual deaths and or injuries. “PTSD may be especially severe or long-lasting when the stressor is planned and implemented by humans such as war, rape, incest, battery, or prostitution rather than natural catastrophes”. 

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