Protected from Diseases: Pros and Cons of Vaccinations

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 In today’s society getting vaccinated is one of the cheapest form of being able to not cause a disease or other things. Vaccinations have a great amount of benefits especially when it comes to many diseases. Those who are vaccinated are protected from diseases, but it also protects the people that they encounter. Getting vaccinated may seem so easy, but it is also a cause many side effects including autism. On the contrary there are also some effects that are risky when using them to prevent some diseases or to even treat them.

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In the press release Lenisa Chang discuss that a good portion of Americans in the United States vaccinated are those who come from a house hold of an lower educated. She says “In other words, college-educated mothers were less likely to have their children vaccinated than were non-college education mothers.” This will be my first con of this article. The down fall of so many things in the world comes down to some educational background. Someone education level should not be an factor of the determination for a dilemma like this. Being more educated does gives you more knowledge on things that are going on in the world. There are so many people who do not know the background of vaccinations and it may prevent disease, however some of the side of effects are life long ones. Although vaccinations have risk and can cause many problems study shows that vaccinations for measles, mumps and rubella are not the causes of autism. This is my pro for this article, because so many make the vaccinations for those disease to correlate with autism. In Chang’s research she found out that autism was not only controversy with MMR (Mumps, Measles, Rubella), but there was problems with the polio vaccine. Research turns out that these vaccines was not the cause for autism in this time. The time between the years of 2003-06 of this controversy the number of vaccinations had decreased. The media was portraying so many negative details on vaccination there was a drastic decline.

There have been reportedly 90%-99% statistic noted that vaccines have been effective. There has been over 2.5 million cases of that have been prevented by vaccination. Not only does immunizations lowers the disease rate it also lowers hospitalization and early childhood deaths. The MMR vaccine have been decreasing deaths. There are other countries outside of the united states who have high numbers of the diseases found in their area unlike the united states. It is a know fact that diseases do not spread through those who have vaccinations. In the U.S. certain vaccinations are required for children to enter public schools.

These were some of the pros related to this matter and now I have some more cons. There have been many cases of known were vaccines how almost cause deaths due to the fact that the child had an allergic reaction. There have been known cases that some vaccines can cause people to go into comas, blockages, brain injuries and have to receive a lot of hospitalization. There is no way to know if the vaccine is effective on just a normal basis. . There have cases shown that people still caught disease when being exposed even being vaccinated. 

The government plays a huge roll in our medical system. There have been some rumor going around that the vaccines are made to lower the number in population. The world is over populated so people feel as if that the government control will try to take over and make the vaccines dead on purpose. 

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