Protection of the Endangered Species

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Do you know “Endangered species”? Endangered species are living things which have risks to escape from the world. Surprisingly, there are approximately 30,000 kinds of them in the world.

Do you know why there are so many endangered species in the world? There are some reasons. First, pollutions make them damaged. Living things die or weakened due to chemicals such as pesticides, and the water is drained by domestic wastewater. Second, alien species come into other places. Alien species is a species introduced outside its normal distribution. For example, snapping turtle and raccoon. Snapping turtle is growing up very big and eat a lot kinds of living things so snapping turtle gives animals some damages. Raccoon is also giving damages like snapping turtle, too. Endangered species are related by them brought from other areas, or they get lost in their homes. Crossing away, pure native species (the species that originally lived there) are gone.

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In Japan, there are many kinds of endangered species. For example Nipponia nippon. This is called Toki in Japanese. This is a bird. This bird is symbols of Niigata prefecture and Sado city and Wajima city. There are only 430 birds in Sado islands. (Nipponia nippon is only living in Sado islands.) Also, sea otter is endangered species, too. Sea otter is a popular animal in aquarium. In the future, there is possible that sea otter will be gone from aquarium. There are three reasons to become an endangered species. First, people use wool of sea otter. This wool is good thermal insulation properties. Second is sea otter is eaten by killer whale. Killer whale is one of a top of ecosystems. Killer whale like to eat sea otter very much. Third is crude oil made big damage to sea otter. People flowed crude oil so a lot of sea otter killed by it.

When I was a high school student, I went to Australia to study abroad and I researched about endangered species there. That time, I knew there are most numerous endangered species in the world by the Internet. For example, koala is a endangered species in Australia. Koala is a symbol animal in Australia. Why koala became endangered species? There are two reasons. First, development. Forests have been cut down for residential land development and mine development, and koalas and human-inhabited areas are increasingly overlapping. Koalas are becoming more difficult to breed due to a decrease in “food and shelter”, and more and more people are being killed by dogs or being hit by cars while walking on the ground to move away trees. Second, government. It’s hard to believe, but there are currently no laws protecting koalas at the national level. The federal government is responsible. Also, Dingo is an endangered species, too. There is a big reason why dingo became endangered species. Dingo is a dangerous animals because they eat kangaroo, warabi, sheep, cow and so on. In addition, dingo caused ecosystems. Thylacinus cynocephalus (it is called Fukurookami in Japanese) and sarcophilus harrisii (it is called tasumaniadebiru in Japanese) were living in Australia. However they were already gone because dingo ate them. Now, dingo is located the top of ecosystems.

However, there are some solutions to protect endangered species even though there are many kinds of endangered species in the world. There are two examples to protect them. First, we are able to make wildlife park. However we need some places to make wildlife park. By making it, there is possibility that we are able to protect endangered species. Second, don’t bring alien species from other countries. It is important that alien species that may adversely affect the ecosystem and so on should not be placed in the unnatural distribution area. Also, it is necessary that if you are already in a non-natural distribution area and you have an alien species, do not throw it away in order not to leave the field. Moreover, it is significant that if alien species have been bred in the field, at least no further expansion.

We have to protect endangered species. This is because by protecting endangered species, we can save our lives. We are living with around grace of nature. So there is a possibility that we cannot receive grace of nature. For instance, there was occurred feeding damage in the U.S.A. because wolf were gone and herbivorous beast were increasing. So it is important to protect garage of nature. Through this situation we can make good nature. So we have to protect endangered species and cooperate each other.    

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