Psychological Pain of the Holocaust


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In order to start out talking about the Holocaust we must define it as a mass slaughter, catastrophe or Holocaust given in war II by the Germans of the Nazi government from 1933 to 1945 and their collaborators against all those that were different and thought differently because the Jewish people. , blacks and gypsies, persecuting and killing them for political, religious, socialist, homosexual and communist reasons. Homes were raided, and shops were abolished. 

It all started in 1933 in Germany where they believed themselves superior and the Jews inferior and considered them a danger to Germany as well as anyone with a physical or metal disability or simply who did not meet their standards were all killed by the government of Adolph Hitler according to He does not propagate the Aryan race. The growth of the Nazi sets in Germany remained fostered through these hatreds. At the time Hitler arose towards authority in Germany in 1933, a major element of his agenda remained public, authorized mistreatment of Jews. By that The Nazi leaders began with small harassments and minor actions designed to goad on their own followers and abuse the Jews who had no place to seek help. The Nazis formerly controlled the police, the courts, as well as the machinery of government. One dark night around 1938 the Nazis initiated a new unlikable against their Jewish citizens. One Jewish juvenile had a shot at a German embassy official two days’ earlier in Paris. The Nazi authorities utilized this as a pretext to incite widespread rampaging, assault, and murder against Jews throughout Germany.

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 The Jews called the night “Crystal Night” because so much glass was broken that the streets were literally covered with broken shards of glass. All these killings were accomplished in various ways to besically mistreat and set an example of not betraying the govt or its ideals, created concentration camps to put them as slaves, and kill them in different ways and three of which are the gas chambers, not feed them for days, Medical experiments, overcrowding, cold among others the countries that participated in the holocaust were:

• Estacha faith Croatia: He was one among the most allies of the Nazi government also persecuted and annihilated all the Jews of Yugoslavia and killed all their ethnic and political enemies, these controlled the Jasenovac concentration camp where approximately 100,000 people died, when the war ended accused of treason.

• Ukraine and Poland: these fought against the Soviets and therefore the repression and murder of all Jews during this region –

• France: Nazi ideology collaborators in 1940 as well as when the war ended they were shot and humiliated for helping the Germans.

• Hungary: He was one among the best curious about collaborating with the Nazis since within the First war that they had lost large territories because of their collaboration with the Nazis they were returned, participating in their campaigns against Nazi enemies.

• Finland: in order to win more territories they supported the Nazis and opted to starve for a year in Leningrad.

• Austria: the overwhelming majority of Austria supported the Nazis –

• Slovakia: Germans by strategy allied with Slovakia to assist them dominate the most important amount of European territory during this government exterminated Jews with Nazi ideals.


In several of those countries that collaborated with the Nazis, the concentration camps where they were prisoners and workers were installed, the Nazis had no feeling or guilt, they simply enjoyed the pain of these who were different for them, such a lot in order that they didn’t respect ages From man and woman, children to helpless eagerly murdered everything for being Jewish or otherwise that they didn’t think was right, they killed approximately 2,700,000 Jews in several cruel ways.

In 1945 the top of this bloody war II and therefore the Nazi government of Adolph Hitler finally arrived with the entry of Soviet troops who were fighting the Nazi army and were regaining territory within the beginning was Berlin, when Hitler realizes that He had already lost control of his bloody war Hitler commits suicide with Braun, in his bunker on April 30, 1945, and asked to burn their bodies, Berlin surrenders on May 2, 1945 and likewise a day city is surrendering, Germany was left in ruins, physically, socially and economically as a results of of these clashes where thousands of innocents died. The Holocaust remains the word utilized to explain the efforts of the Nazi leaders in Germany to annihilate the Jewish people. In more than six million Jews were executed, majority of them in slave labor concentration camps lead by the German government. The Holocaust remained a methodical, organized, government operational killing of a gaggle of individuals established solely on their race, religion, or political group. 

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