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Psychopathy Or Psychopathic Personality as a Pathologic Syndrome

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Psychopathy, or psychopathic personality, refers to a pathologic syndrome involving distinguished behavioral deviancy in the presence of extraordinary emotional and interpersonal features. This enduring pattern of behaviour offers an interesting area of study and research due to the many different diagnostics and theories that have been stated along the years. Sigmund Freud stated in 1928 that “two traits are essential in a criminal; boundless egoism and a strong destructive urge. Common to both these, and a necessary condition for their expression, is the absence of love, lack of emotional appreciation for human objects .”

As of today, this definition has narrowed highlighting two essential personality traits: Pathological narcissism and cruel aggression. Both add up to the subject affective defiances and social deviancy. Practitioners have also manifested their persistent curiosity on psychopathy due to the repercussion that this kind of behaviour has on society. (e.g., Subjects diagnosed usually account for different criminal offenses, sometimes violent).

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However, the many explanations and professional opinions concerning the cause of this particular disorder tend to differ in different ways depending on their different views on the subject. Recent investigations have shown that a lack of serotonin added to the conflict provoked by the amygdala part of the brain and the frontal lobe could be a key factor in order to come across an explanation of Killers’ behaviour. “Their [pychopatic] robotic cruelty reflected dehumanization, stunted conscience and the ability to empathise. They are usually smooth, glossy neat and artificial – both controlled and controlling. Behind a mask of insanity, they live superficial and often destructive lives.” – dr. Richard Klaus.

Another theory that branches out from the previous one reports that according to studies, “the XYY male has a 20 fold increase in his lifetime risk, as compared to their incidence in the population, of being hospitalised in a mental hospital or prison – a risk that is not trivial.” – Dr. Arthur Robinson, supported by Dr. Richard Kraus’ work. This statement has been supported by Dr. John Money in an article published in the Journal of sex research entitled “Human Behaviour Cytogenics”. There, he states that the fact that each brain cell’s nucleus contains an extra chromosome correlates to the increasing rate of a risk of developing a mental behavioral disability or abnormality – causing the violent psychopathic behavior we’re familiar with. As an example of this, The case of Arthur Shawcross can be mentioned as he suffered from this biochemical imbalance, this added up to some issues that revolved around a substance named Kryptopyrrole. The day this case started not much was known about this substance. After a lot of tests such as laboratory blood and urine examinations on the subject were conducted, it was demonstrated that Shawcross’s levels of the substance stood between 200.6mcg/100cc’ contrasting the expected value of 0-20. The effects of an overuse of Kryptopyrrole can be quite similar in the brain to toxic psychedelic substances such as LSD.

Over the past few decades, the thought of the label “Psychopath” has undergone different variations. Nowadays, it’s considered a “politically Incorrect term” that encounters its accurate medical meaning in “Sociopath”. Despite both of them being considered as different mental disorders, the resemblance between the two is so strong that the attempt of thinking about them as fully independent concepts is dismissed. According to different researches on this particular topic, the difference between both concepts relies on the fact that Psychopathic disorder is something that can be diagnosted almost since birth, opposing to the sociopathy being a product of development along the experience of social conflict. Both terms have evolved in a parallel manner and is identified in different ways.


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