Pubg: the Game that Caused Many to Fall into Addiction

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PUBG also known as Player Unknown Battleground the one game which every person is hooked to right now. Kids and adults, everybody is either playing it or has definitely heard the buzz around it.First of all what is PUBG or Player Unknown Battleground ? PUBG or Player Unknown Battleground pits up to 100 players against one another in a winner-take-all, kill-or-be-killed battle royale.The mania of participating in this multi-player game has spread so far that people are holding tournaments and competitions.The game begins with parachuting down from a plane to an island with other 99 players. In the post-apocalyptic scene, players race against each other to stay in the ever-closing circle while looting buildings, resources, ammo, weapons and shooting down others, until there’s only one man standing. When the game got released for Windows, it received rave reviews. Further, upon being released on mobile phones, it caught like wildfire.The game is not the first one to use the formula of ‘the last survivor wins’. Its success in being the most popular game can largely be attributed to the methodical way of playing it requires. It’s more than just picking up a gun and kill a handful to get your way. It’s the wit you’ll be needing if you want to reach the chicken dinner victory, the fancy name given to the reward for the winner. The craze for this game spread amongst all the age groups.

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What started as a recreation game has now turned into an addiction. However, the entertainment factor does not mean it is all good. The game has become viral and is played by billions of people. The players have become addicted to this game. Moreover, it is hampering their quality of life. It severely impacting the lives of the players and also resulting in various crimes. For instance, a boy killed himself due to PUBG mobile game addiction.

Also the people who work are also a part of it. It hampers their work and makes them lose the target of their goals. They are busy playing PUBG instead of focusing on their careers. Even more, than the players take leaves or skip meetings just to play this game endlessly. Due to this addiction, they also miss their deadlines and don’t fulfill their duties.

One game of PUBG takes around half an our of time which is a waste of time also you not only spend your time on playing but also on watching others on streaming channel and youtube. Yes, it also has some pros which is that many gamers who stream PUBG on YouTube earn money in lakhs. Can you believe it earning money just by playing PUBG on Youtube. But at the very end pros is a lot less then con.

PUBG mobile game is very harmful. It creates a constraint between personal relationships. Moreover, it also hampers the professional life of a person. Similarly, the youth waste their time and neglect their studies just to play this game.The game interferes greatly with the studies of a person. The students who should be studying waste their time on this game. This results in neglecting studies and also in reduced levels of concentration. PUBG. The biggest negative factor in this addiction is that u forget about ur friends ur family ur colleagues etc and ur mind is always on that one single game.

This addiction can be controlled by diverting ur mind. By diverting your mind it will help you focus on other things. Also do not always stay indoors going out and indulging in different activities will help u forget about the game. At the end it just depends weather this addiction helps u or not in present as well as in future it has its own pros and cons the deciding person is you!

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