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Public Security & The Trends That Influence Policing

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According to Stuntz (2011), the police have played a role in the disrespect they are facing today. Unlike before when police officers used to dress in a respectable manner, today they look like paramilitaries with tasers, batons and gas crap. In the past, the police were perceived honorable men and being a law man was a prestigious profession that was held in high regard by the society including the children. They were taken through rigorous training tasks that were meant to equip them with skills to handle all kinds of people.

Today, the true identity of police has been blurred and the respect they had in the society has all been lost. Their role has changed beyond recognition and the connection they had with the public has now been lost. Although the police stand for the same values during practice, they have also lost the morals and standards they once had. However, the society has also played a greater role in the shift of respect since they lack respect for themselves and for others. Poverty has facilitated the shift since it has caused people living in the ghetto to find alternative means of survival from drugs and robbery.

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Increasing reports of police brutality has shifted the society’s view of the police from friendly law keepers to brutal law breakers who are disguised in police uniform (Barkan & Bryjak 2011).Today, the global situation has changed with increased terrorism and international scale of trends. They are required to understand, assist and support the government’s anti-terror efforts in the United States among other parts of the country. Despite the fact that their skills are required to be a notch higher, police today undergo less training and they have lose their readiness to gunfight. The government spends less money and resources on training them thus criminals and society have taken advantage of the drop in preparedness and have taken a toll on the officers.

Today, law enforcement is evolving rapidly as the police departments face more challenges, threats and increased scrutiny from the media and the public. However, the sector of law enforcement is quickly coming up with significant changes in areas of technology, culture, policy, structure and leadership to improve service delivery to the common citizen. Technology will ensure public security and safety by creating an improved level of transparency, enabling proactive policing and freeing up resources.

New technological tools will help the police change the manner in which they interact with the community which will help increase their level of professionalism. The department will take advantage of advanced tools such as the biometric system which includes eye matching, DNA testing and fingerprint matching, body cameras, drone patrols, GPS applications and robots among other technological tools (Great Britain, 2009). The development of a deeper understanding between enforcement and education will affect policing in such a way that the police will focus on community-oriented policing. This will include implementing organizational features of community policing and implementing community partnerships.

Other trends will include the expansion of opportunities for women in law enforcement, promotion of a new generation in various leadership roles and the adoption of new methods of transparency in the policing system. In addition, new policies will be adopted in order to improve the relations between police and the community. For example, better communication skills, a better understanding of human and civil rights from different points of view, decreased likelihood of using deadly forces and increased tolerance when handling citizens (Burton, 2010).


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