Puerto Rico: Cultural and National Characterictics

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I want you to take a good look at the person sitting next you. Take a second to realize how different we are all from one another. From our hair, to our skin, to our overall physical appearance. As you all may know we are puertorricans. We all share the Taino, the Spanish, and the African race in our blood. Like our fellow classmate Maria you see how fair her skin tone is and how beautiful her curly hair is. She’s is a perfect example of how when all these races mixed they created the perfect combination. In our 100×35, which is technically not Puerto Rico’s exact measurement, you can see so many combinations of the three races. The Taino Indians were a subgroup of the Arawakan Indias ,which were a group of American Indians in the northeastern part South America, they inhabited most of the Caribbean. The Taino’s complexion was bronze-colored, they were average height, with dark and flowy hair and large dark eyes. The Spanish part of us comes from the one and only Christopher Columbus when he arrived in the “new world” in search for riches. He ultimately turned the Tainos into slaves and of course like the scandalous men and women we are they started reproducing together, essentially mixing races. The last part of our shared races is the African, the africans arrived to Puerto Rico as slaves with Christopher Columbus. They were promised freedom once getting into the new world which didn’t turn out that way until years later. On March 22, 1873 slavery was abolished in Puerto Rico letting the African slaves free. They brought to us their music, art, language, and heritage.

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This mix cultivated the Puerto Rican culture, which is by far a very unique one. You see to me Puerto Rico has such a home feeling that I have never felt any where else. Here I feel the warmness of our people as I get off the plane to return home. Our charisma is by far my favorite part of being a Puertorrican. Our presence automatically brings joy to anyone, our music can brighten anyones day and our food can sure make you feel pretty good. But listen closely I’m not saying we are perfect like any other place we have our problems. Puerto Rico for many years has been struggling greatly with our government. For years our leaders have brought issues and conflicts to the table that some of us are oblivious too. Us the Puerto Ricans need to start questioning more, we should educate ourselves more on issues and not become blinded by the problems. But besides the great struggles we have we always find ways to get back up. Not long ago all of us experienced a catastrophic event which for some people changed their lives for ever. This event happened over a year ago and to me Puerto Rico came back stronger I mean I feel that it brought a sense of humbleness to the island to get back out there and socialize with our friends and family. It destroyed us in many ways but also helped us rebuild what needed to get fix a long time ago.

I hope to dear God that our generation not only do better but make change for this island. The Puertorricans need to dig back into their roots and remember that we are all workers and fighters, when a problem stands in front of us we do not walk away but find ways to get past it. The most important thing of all is to always be well educated one cannot speak of something they do know of its the most ignorant thing one can do. We need to continue to educate ourselves to make Puerto Rico stand out in its glorious ways. Change does not occur over night or one person cannot cultivate it. But trust me a person can sure make a difference and impact a community. Change is something you have to propose to your self its not something given but something worked hard for. In order for things to be great you have to fight for them. We cannot let our beautiful island go to waste. We must make sure that we teach our kids, and our kids that if one helps to make a difference one can assure change.

I wish my words have touched one of you to keep educating yourself and aspiring to be better. I hope you go home today thinking how can you make yourself and Puerto Rico a better place tomorrow and how one person can influence others to make the right moves. 

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