Puerto Rico: Overview, Population and Tourism

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Puerto Rico is an island a Caribbean island. It is a territory of landscape, mountains, waterfalls and the El Yunque tropical rainforest. It is a very beautiful and refreshing place to visit in your holidays. It is a self-governing island. It is situated at the northern east side of Caribbean Sea where its northern shore is towards the Atlantic Ocean. There are also two small islands off the east side of the coast named as Vieques and Culebra. These islands are executively parts of Puerto Rico. If we Compare Puerto Rico with its Greater Antillean neighbors then the Puerto Rico is one-fifth as large as the Dominican Republic, one-third the size of Haiti, and a little smaller than Jamaica.

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It is almost shaped as a rectangle. It is spread up to 111 miles (179 km) from east to west and 39 miles (63 km) from north to south. The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan. The total area Puerto Rico is spread is about 8,868 sq km. It ranks at 139th among all the countries and islands in the world in according to the population. Its current population is about 3059000. The 93.6% of the population of whole Puerto Rico lives in urban areas. Whereas the 6.4% of the remaining population of whole Puerto Rico lives in rural areas.

The climate of Puerto Rico is seasonal in varies according to the season. Well about plantation or plant life, it is varied and abundant. The tropical rainforests spread over the parts of the north side of the island. The thorn and scrub plants grow on the drier south side. Almost all of the island’s native vegetation was drawn out through centuries of agricultural utilization, mostly during the first two decades of the 20th century. When the farm settlers and plantation workers demolished the large area of seaside forest and used the lumber for railroad ties and fuel.

Well about people living there, Puerto Rico’s population is ethnically mixed because of centuries of immigration and cultural assimilation. There is little overt racial discrimination, although people of Spanish and other European ancestry are still esteemed among most elite members of society.

Puerto Rico Tourism:

Puerto Rico has become a very popular vacation destination for the people and the tourists because of its amazing weather. Its air and sea transportation links. The hotels, guest houses, and condominium developments dot the island’s coastline. You guys can have a great time in Puerto Rico. Because there are many areas where you can visit and enjoy. The island is safe and fulfills all the desires of a tourist. The problem is how to reach Puerto Rico? The answer to this question is now simple that you can reach Puerto Rico through flights or you can reach there through cruise ships. There are many packages of tourism towards Puerto Rico now days that also can be avail by the travelers. Tourism in Puerto Rico attracted 3.7 million visitors in 2019 and 1.0 million visitors in 2015, a notable increase from the average of 2010–2014 at 3.1 million.

Tourism is the biggest source of revenue for the land. Number of decades are given to make it as it is today, make beautiful. It is full of wonders of nature and historical places. Many concerts and sports festivals occur there. when the travelers get to Puerto Rico after paying bills, giving taxes the land gets its income through it.

The best part is that you have a lot to enjoy in Puerto Rico which is the main reason people head to Puerto Rico on vacations because there are many things to do here that will be discussed further. Here only the value of tourism is discussed like shat is the worth of tourism in Puerto Rico. So if you want to travel I will highly recommend you to pack your bags get ready and pick a flight to Puerto Rico and enjoy!

Best Places in Puerto Rico:

As I told before there are many places to visit in Puerto Rico and many things to do there as well. There is one very popular beach in Puerto Rico named Flamenco Beach. It is the most highly rated beaches of all beaches in the Puerto Rico. It is a public beach on Caribbean island of Culebra. it is the most visited place in Puerto Rico. Flamenco Beach is mostly known for the shallow turquoise waters, white sand, swimming areas, and diving sites it has. It is spread for a mile around a sheltered, horseshoe-shaped bay. Flamenco is a popular beach area for both Culebra and Puerto Rico. It is rated 4.9/5 in google.

If you are found of historical places and you love to see artistic stuff, then you can also visit Museo de Arte de Ponce. Museo de Arte de Ponce is an art museum situated on Avenida Las Américas in Ponce, Puerto Rico. It owns a variety of European art, as well as works by Puerto Rican artists. It is rating about 4.8/5 in google. Because of its amazing variety of art and beautiful location. 

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