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Puff Ecig’s Dab Kits Are Everything You Want And More

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We all want the best experience possible when it comes to enjoying a nice moment of dabbing. Puff E-Cig values getting the most out of that experience, which is why we’re so proud of the dab kits we’ve constructed. With our dab kits, you’ll feel completely fulfilled with every smooth puff you take from our products.

Our dab kits come with a variety of items that will give you the experience you deserve while you dab. From a well constructed oil rig, to long lasting dab nails, you won’t be disappointed in the features that our kits provide for those that only want the best when they dab. For the price you’ll pay, you won’t be disappointed in these kits.

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Looking to try our other products as well? You’ll have no shortage of high quality vaping with our 1100 wax vape kit. With this kit, you get great vaping product at 5 ounces, along with a glass dome attachment and a small silicone jar, giving you a great experience for vaping with a small handheld pen! The kit also comes with additional accessories such as a charger and a zipper case for you to keep your dabber in. With this case, you’ll never have to worry about your kit breaking or wearing down, as it provides excellent protection for your items. With our wax vape kits, we ensure that you get a great product for an excellent price that is also protected well. With the protection we provide with our products, you can count on using any of our kits for a long period of time.

Take a look at our clearance section, where you can find a number of different items on sale for an even lower price! We currently have products such as our lithium ion batteries and our e-juices (which come in a wide variety of excellent flavors) on sale for a price you absolutely can’t beat. With our vast selection of items on clearance, you’ll spend hours figuring out what to choose from in the first place!

Our e-juices can be found individually or in packs. Some of our popular flavors such as apple and banana are sold in packs of 6. All of these packs include 10 mL containers that are easy to open and use on a regular basis. You can also choose the strength of the nicotine before completing your purchase.

You can find additional accessories on our site as well! Have a look at the neat necklaces and zipper cases we sell! With these items, you’ll have no problem making a more fashionable statement.

As a company, we have no doubt in any of the products we sell. Puff E-Cig is considered one of the top manufacturers of smoking and vaping products for a reason. We’ve partnered with a number of different companies to sell our products, including a top 5 tobacco retailer IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. We grow relationships with partners such as these, because we provide some of the best products you can find in the world of vape and smoking products. That’s how confident we are in our accessories.

We’d love to answer any questions you may have about our products! It’s our job as a company to constantly improve, and there’s no better way to do that then hearing feedback from our very own customers. If you have any thoughts or questions regarding our items on sale, feel free to reach out to us! We can be contacted through our contact forms on our website, or by phone at 810-721-0590. We’ll make sure to respond to you immediately!


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