Punctuality as Commercial Awareness as Skills Needed for the Profession

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  • Punctuality
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Key Skills
  • Good Personal Presentation
    Negotiation Skill
    Presentation skill

Sales and marketing managers are required to have self-confidence in order to sell products with confidence. Being able to confidently deliver your speeches in meeting and answer the prospect's objections is important. A sales and marketing manager needs to have the behavior so the they can handover it to their team members. In sales it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. An effective sales and marketing manager should be able to portray any ideas with such an amount of confidence that could clear any doubts in the buyers mind. If the message is delivered in confidence, it will put a message into the buyer’s subconscious to trust the product/service delivered after seeing how the manager trusts in products/services he is trying to sell.

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it is important for marketers and sales managers need to be punctual it is required by many organisations. Punctuality of managers begins with discipline. If Managers are not punctual on their how they perform their duties, how do the managers expect their subordinates to be punctual. puntuality is a process of preparation of time spent, which results in an increase in a person’s effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. Which in turn increases an organisations sales due to productive managers(Gilbert, 2019). Without expert punctuality, customers might look for an alternative or competitor company to supply their needs this way the business looses its customers. Striving to meet deadlines is important potrays to the customer that they chose the right company. Customers will receive their products/services on time this would lead to them coming back which would also increase sales in the long run (Kajidori, 2019)

Commercial Awareness

Sales and marketing managers need to have commercial awareness in order to be successful. They need to be aware of any changes that could have taken place in the market. Customer changes in taste and prefrences, needs, requirements can be identified if the manager is attentive this would be a benefit as the company would be able to provide consumers what they require, at high quality and at affordable rates.It also helps a business know about the competitors and threats of new entrants that the company might face. It assists them in developing an awareness in analyzing external environment. Influences like political and economic issues that might posses a threat to the company (University of Bradford, 2019)

Key Skills

Good Personal Presentation

A sales and marketing manager needs to be presentable as first impression is the last impression. it helps create a good customer relationship and improve sales. From the first time you meet the customer the customer analyses the behavior, attitude and the presentation this will influence the customer either positively or negatively. If the customer is impressed with the skills then it will encourage the consumer to buy. The way a manager displays themselves can also influence customers the appearance makes customers feel respected. Personal presentation may include having a straight posture and having appropriate clothing during customer and company meetings. (, 2019)

Negotiation Skill

A good marketer and sales manager need excellent negotiation skills in order to maintain the sales that the company budgeted for. They should be able to face aggressive opponent negotiators. Marketers need to apply their negosiation skills when closing deals with customers they need to analyse customers and the bargaining power they have in order for them to creatively negotiate. According to (Zantal-Wiener, 2019)If then matrix allows marketers to negotiate effectively it involves a table with rows of “if”s the things the company as an industry wants, but the opponent customer might say no to. After which comes columns of 'then's –that contain matters that would become non-negotiable for the sales and marketing manger if the customer refused the 'if. Bonus point creativity also comes in handy when negotiating. Marketing and sales manager should also use their creativity too add to the negotiations.

Presentation skill

In the industry most of their day-to-day business involves teamwork. Which means a manger should be able to present for the team. (Torok, 2019) Sales and marketing managers are excpected to present their ideas, proposals, messages with good presentational skills and with enough confidence. This would impress staff, investors, clients and various other satkeholders and it can also earn great deals. The presentation should be well introduced, rehersed and should involve the audience which could include the employees working under the sales and marketing manager or even the clients. Having rehersed the presentation makes the contet sound professional and displays that the manager knows about the organization. Weak presentations will lead to less productive hours of employees in chanadaria. 

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