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Negative Effects of Puppy Mills on the Animals

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By law, the residing stipulations of domestic dog mills is inadequate. As of now doggy mills are now not legal in America, but it is illegal to maintain animals beneath merciless conditions. Cruel prerequisites infrequently describe what these puppies and doggies go through. The legislation is considering to license and take a look at wholesale breeding operations, but this frequently does not happen, allowing inhumane operations to stay in business

The country as a whole must take action and actually put their time into this to make it happen. Many of the mills do not have air conditioning or warmth so the puppies are left to deal with the elements. Wire cages are additionally used, so that the proprietor does now not have to smooth cages. Dogs will tear limbs off due to the fact they get caught in the wire. If wire cages are no longer cleaned, the dogs are left to live in their own feces. Since the cages are never cleaned, they are extremely soiled and unsanitary. This is how ailments are caught and spread throughout the pup mill. Many of the dogs that breed are underweight due to the fact the meals they are given is no longer nutritional. This all goes against what Congress stands for and could result in a fine. The fine according to congress for the unhealthy living condition ss no more than 10,000. According to the law, people are prohibited to attain more than 50 unneutered Dogs

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It is a well-known fact that the owners of these mills could not care less if they are neutered because they need them to be able to continue breeding so this law would have to be without a doubt broken. A puppy mill in Mount Vernon was ransacked and approximately 400 of them were found. This goes against code regarding the amount of animals one is allowed to own. Another law is that animals are required room space to be able to turn and lay down. That is another rule proven to have been broken according to a common source. The source states that these dogs live in crammed wire cages with no solid resting surface and no shelter from blistering sun or freezing winds. These conditions do not meet the requirements of these federal laws. Lastly, when a mother pup has given birth, instead of finding more room for the babies, the cage will just have a higher population and become more populated and cramped. No living breathing animal deserves to be forced into such a terrible environment for another’s selfish person gain.

Some say that at least the mills get the animals out to pet stores in hope of finding a home, but actually many of them don’t even make it to the pet stores due to such living conditions they are forced in. Generally, puppies born in these mills only live there for the first dozen weeks of their lives. Their death rate is proven to be very high by a numerous amount of sources. When in some miracle the puppies actually make it to the pet store and are wanted to be bought by a family, the common pet stores who receive puppies from the mills don’t even do a background check on the possible owners and their living conditions before they sell the pups. Many even after being adopted end up dead. The living conditions are terrible and effect everything in a chain reaction.

Puppy mills also have been proven to have a negative effect on the puppy’s psychological state. The puppies emotional state become even worse when in the pet store. Disorders and genetic diseases are really common in animals from the puppy mills due to the concept of the quantity of them is better than quality. Most probably due to the heavily terrible living conditions they are forced to adapt in, they most definitely have developed psychological issues over time. Often when they are locked in their tight cage without the ability to exercise or receive attention and love, the dogs emotional state becomes so unbearable they tend to become unstable.

Puppies are exposed to two main mental health issues which are insufficient involvement to humans and other objects and trauma. Puppy mill victims have been revealed to have been showing higher rates of symptoms involving fear to the unfamiliar and noises and motions, often being dazed and confused. Puppy mill victims show lower rates of energy and hyperactivity. Puppy mill victims have also shown symptoms of levels of aggression due to their skyrocket levels of fear. Studies show that the puppy mill victims have resulted to pacing and circling due to such fears and phobias they have progressed in. Shops are continuing to be able to sell such distressed and ill puppies due to the lack of enforcement of humane laws. There are currently no laws to protect the mental health and well being of puppies in the living conditions of the puppy mills.


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