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by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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Describing the turbulence in economy, social shocks, and politics in postcolonial Nigeria, Purple Hibiscus is one of those books that you can’t leave until you read them to the end. ... This novel by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is one masterful written piece often discussed at schools and assigned as a writing task. The story is told by a fifteen year old called Kambili whose father is a prominent public figure and a wealthy businessman. The father takes big personal risks by publishing stories in the newspaper he owns. He challenges the action of the government, and donates big sums to charitable organizations, as well as helps local families. The person that sounds so fair and generous is a cruel tyrant behind the walls of his home. Kambili, her brother and mother are subjected to terrible psychological and physical abuse. The way the author tells the story is often discussed in essays on Purple Hibiscus. He uses an extended flashback to tell the story of the events until the point where Jaja stands up to his father. He stops going to church, but that’s only the beginning. Many students find it very challenging to write a Purple Hibiscus analysis essay. The reason for this is that the novel has many hidden meanings, stories that you should learn from, and things that you can analyze in different ways. Through the voice of Kambili, the readers can understand the power that an abuser has over his victims. The portrayal of the complexity of the character of Kambili’s father is what makes this novel even more fascinating. Many of the essay questions revolve around this complex character, analyzing both his good and bad side, his public and domestic side. You’ll find that most of the Purple Hibiscus essay topics students write on these days are about the different characters in the book, including even secondary characters like Eugene’s sister, the aunt Ifeoma. Essay prompts on this book investigate religion, politics, culture, charity, and hypocrisy as the main issues that run alongside the ‘rites of passage’ story. In the book, Kambili falls in love with a priest. When tasked to research and analyze a book with such a strong message, one where the characterization is richer than in most novels, students often struggle with how to approach it. What will you talk about? Who will you talk about? Should you discuss the characters, the theme, the gender roles, the plot, the rebellion, or the abuse? There are simply too many topics to source from this one novel called Purple Hibiscus. Some even compare it to novels with similar themes or written about the same period, such as our essay example that compares it with “I Am Malala”. Go through our list of free essay samples to read more about this topic and understand different points of view. We’ve created quality essays about the different perspectives in Purple Hibiscus, about the gender roles, the plot, and the abuse theme in this book and “Goodnight Mr. Tom”. To help you narrow down the choices, we also created a list of unique, quality topics that students can use when tasked to review this book. These are free to use and should boost your inspiration, as well as help you start your research on topics discussed in Purple Hibiscus.
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