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Despite what it may seem, there are not many differences between now and 500 years ago. Sure, we may have access to the internet, the polio vaccine, and a few other nifty things, but at its foundation, our society is very similar to the society in the 1500s, mainly in terms of how knowledge progresses. Most simply, knowledge advances by continually sharing old ideas until some person (whether they are uniquely qualified is up for debate) reinterprets the data into new ideas. On and on this cycle goes, made much more streamlined in an environment dedicating all its space and time to this endeavor. In other words, a university. Therefore, one purpose of a college education is to disseminate information far enough that it hopefully reaches someone who can transform and advance it. This is part of the reason why I am here. I will not be the person to revolutionize some field. However, I may be able to participate in some level in working with the technology and information available to improve someone’s life. A college education gives me both access and opportunity to do so.

My other reasons for gaining a college education are much less selfless. From my elementary education, I have been constantly forced into the more advanced classes. As a result, I came to expect and to enjoy the mental stimulation I was experiencing throughout each stage of my schooling. Because I was ahead, many of the classes I took in high school were meant to be jumping off points for continuation into college. It was expected that being a student in one of those classes would be advancing their education at a university level, and we were taught as such. In addition to wanting to fulfill these expectations, I want to finish off and expound those things I learned in high school, meaning I had to come to the university.

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Finally, I continued my education because I didn’t know what else to do. I have no profitable skills or talents with which to survive after getting my diploma. I have no military aspirations, so that wasn’t an option. In truthfulness, I started senior year with no direction and no plan. I had been taking classes I thought were interesting with no thought of the future. And so, with no direction in mind, I started walking, and I got no where fast. In lieu of choosing a path, I chose a direction: college. I still don’t really know where I’m going, nor do I have confidence in the decisions I’ve made thus far, but I have 7 and a half more semesters to figure it out, and I would much rather take a dissatisfying direction than none at all. General education are classes outside of one’s major that are designed to make each student well rounded. For example, general education classes teach effective communication, analytical reasoning, and how to work well in groups. Depth education is a step past general education classes. Most majors have a class that covers depth education, but, it’s just a more intensive form of a general education class. Major courses are those required to achieve competency in a certain field. A university education is designed this way because it creates well-rounded students. A student studying physics needs to understand English just as much as they need to understand Newtonian mechanics.

General and Depth education classes are more about teaching students how to think than what to think. This is critical in becoming a life long learner. I oscillate on my path to becoming a learner. Just yesterday I spent about 30 minutes looking up springs because I was curious and found them fascinating. Just two days before, I skipped the reading and blew my way through thee assignment for an easy A.

I tend to do best at being a learner in classes I find stimulating, and not in classes where I sit through two hours of a professor reading off of the lecture slides she posts to canvas, like in the class where I regularly do assignments for a grade only. However, I think that being forced to take a variety of classes is a great way to improve my progress because I forces me to use my brain in different ways and learn how to learn in many different environments and situations.


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