Pursuit of Happiness, Life and Liberty


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People attempt to discover joy, yet like water, it is difficult to hold in your grasp. As characterized in Webster’s dictionary, joy is a condition of prosperity and satisfaction. nonetheless, happiness is difficult to accomplish, doing what you cherish, and living who you truly are can be very difficult. Moreover, everybody asks how one would realize that they have it as of now. Satisfaction is difficult to accomplish. A few people pursue a few stages so as to get what they need. Individuals have boundless needs. In any case, not every one of the things they need can give them a sense of happiness

One ought to be the pilot of their own journey on the way to happiness. Regardless of the way that joy appears to be unattainable, it tends to be as straightforward as being satisfied. It is something that comes from individuals’ activity. Individuals do what they have to. They get things going and seek after new understandings. They have to have a feeling of direction. Without reason, everything is lost. In the event that individuals have a feeling of direction in their life, they can without much of a stretch satisfy their fulfillments. Fulfilling their needs would satisfy them. Being glad isn’t tied in with fulfilling individuals’ needs. The development of happiness is legitimately relative to acknowledgment and contrarily to desires. Acknowledgment of the things around an individual, regardless of whether it is fortunate or unfortunate, can make one really cheerful. In everything individuals do, one must pursue where their heart is. From the easiest things to the hardest ones, individuals must pursue their heart. In settling on their choices and picking their choices, it is ideal to counsel their very own sentiments. Following one’s heart would truly satisfy one.

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Many Americans agree that money is a major factor in providing happiness for them. A 2007 study conducted by Gallup poll stated that 72% of Americans with an income of over 75,000 dollars are more than happy because of the income. “Our contemporary understanding of ‘pursuit of happiness’ is a thinner, less meaningful shadow of what the Declaration’s authors intended” according to Brent Strawn, who teaches religion and theology in Emory’s Candler School of Theology and Graduate Division of Religion. “It may be that the American Dream, if that is parsed as lots of money and the like, isn’t a sufficient definition of the good life or true happiness. It may, in fact, be detrimental,’ notes Strawn, editor of ‘The Bible and the Pursuit of Happiness: What the Old and New Testaments Teach Us About the Good Life.’ (Oxford University Press, 2012)

So ‘the pursuit of happiness’ signifies something like involving one’s existence with the exercises that accommodate by and large prosperity. This unquestionably incorporates a privilege to material things, however it goes past that to incorporate humankind’s otherworldly and good condition. 

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