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Growing up, education is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life. Education teaches children not only how to read and write, but other important life lessons too, like listening, cooperating with others, and even how to respect one another. Some people think that teaching is an easy profession, but I think it requires many advanced skills. This is why teachers must work to the best of their ability, to ensure that they are good role models. But what is a role model? According to Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D., a role model is someone who shows young people how to be independent, confident, courageous, and resilient. This highlights that teachers are under a lot of pressure to lead by example as children look up to them from a very early age. Throughout this essay, I will be discussing different qualities that make a good teacher.

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For all the children in a class to participate with enthusiasm, a good teacher must be inclusive. Being inclusive means that every person in a group is getting involved. If a child feels left out, then they will not want to succeed and may even distract the other pupils in the class. Being an inclusive teacher may be hard in some cases, as some children may find it difficult to participate for multiple reasons. For example, if a child is autistic, they may find it hard to act in social situations. However, a good teacher will be able to adapt their classes so that this child doesn’t feel left out. If a teacher is inclusive, class members all feel equally valued. This means that pupils will be motivated to work hard, producing better results in their work. Being included allows for pupils to feel as though they have a sense of belonging which will improve their happiness too.

Another quality which I feel as though a good teacher must have is flexibility, as not all lessons go according to plan. A good teacher must be able to think on their feet, as lessons may need to be adapted last minute. For example, when I was at school, I ran a netball club for primary pupils. The turnout was usually about 12 girls, so my lesson plans were always suited to this number. However, one day there was a school trip on, so only 6 girls turned up. This meant that I quickly had to tailor the lesson plan to suit fewer people. If a teacher is unable to use their creativity to make effective decisions quickly, then pupils may get bored and demotivated. A useful quality that comes hand in hand with flexibility is time management skills. According to ‘Voki Blog’, ‘Time management is important because it helps you prioritize your work.’ (Voki Blog, 2015). Teachers must be able to plan their lessons, mark homework, and balance their personal lives at the same time. This is why they need to be able to organize their workload so that everything is completed to a high standard, on time. Steve Francis thinks that ‘Time management is about control. When you allow time to control yourself, you never have enough of it. On the other hand, when you control your available time, you can allocate your time available to complete tasks and duties.’ (Francis, S, 2004). This indicates that if teachers plan logically and allow time for things to be done, they will be able to complete their duties on time. This means that teachers will be less stressed, therefore they will be able to enjoy teaching lessons more.

To conclude, there are many qualities that a good teacher must have- I have only focused on a couple of them. If a teacher does not include their whole class, children will feel left out and will not put their maximum effort into lessons. However, if pupils are included by their teachers, they will feel wanted and will participate in classes enthusiastically. From these examples, it is clear that teachers will get out what they put into their classes. In terms of flexibility, teachers must be creative thinkers, so that they can change lesson plans or adapt to changes if need be. They must also have good time management skills so that everything is organized and clear. It is therefore evident that being a good teacher comes with a lot of determination and time.

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