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Qualities of a Great Nursing Home

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There may come a time when a close family member or friend needs additional help in their daily life. An illness can make a person unable to care for all their needs on their own, or age can take an unfortunate turn. If you are worried about a loved on living alone, a nursing home can bring great relief. Learn how to find a great one you can trust, so you can worry less about someone important to you.

Quality care

A nursing home should always have a 24-hour staff on-hand to help with any kind of medical issues or care. Seek a facility that has a head nurse or LPN in addition to CNAs (certified nursing assistants) who can assist with medications, bathing, feeding, and emergency care at all hours. This is especially important if your family member has an illness that needs constant attention, such as multiple sclerosis, degenerative bone or muscle issues, or problems with an aging memory.

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Clean Environment

As you enter a facility, immediately take note of any cleanliness issues you may see. You may smell odors, such as urine or strong amounts of chemicals that can mean the property is not well ventilated. Observe other things, such as dust on furnishings or the health of the ceilings, walls, and even windows. Look inside a vacant room and ensure that the bedding is clean and the floors are free of stains and wear. You want a clean environment for your family member to live in, which is a strong indicator that the people who run the facility put the care of their patients first.


A nursing home should have a dietician on their staff that can ensure quality food for your family member. Each person in this kind of establishment has different dietary needs, and they should be taken care of daily to help ensure optimum health. Choose a facility that takes nutrition seriously, and examine all menus to make sure meals and snacks are varied, interesting, and healthy.

Fun Activities

You don’t want your family member to spend all day bored or with a bland routine. You want them to be able to have many fun activities and events they can look forward to. Choose a nursing home that has a large calendar of activities, whether they are simple movie nights or game days, or more complex with in-house concerts and parties or have more complex crafts. You also want to make sure any facility you choose has safe outdoor activities that your loved one can enjoy, including walks, a community garden, and other engaging things to do.

Final Words

A nursing home can be a great place for your loved one to live, especially if they need the additional help. With a little investigation, you can find a wonderful place that can make living easier and create a more quality life for a loved one who cannot live alone. You can have peace of mind, and your family member can feel great about finding a safe and enjoyable place to call home.


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