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Question of Water in Tapped and Silent Spring Novels

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For years, businesses have become so consumed by the desire to make money that civilians are sometimes put at risk. The documentary Tapped directed by Stephanie Soechtig and Jason Lindsey, sheds light on these risks by bringing to account the actions of companies such as Nestlé and Pepsi in regards to bottled water. Businesses have been impeding on the water rights of citizens for monetary purpose without any concern for the health hazards caused. In Silent Spring, Rachel Carson writes about the summer of 1953 and the Canadian government’s use of a dangerous pesticide (DDT) in an attempt to save crops being eaten by budworms. As a result, the use of DDT threatened the home of many animals living in the Miramichi River. Both Tapped and Silent Spring, illustrate the harm inflicted on both humans and animals due to self serving businesses. In spite of it’s negative effect on the environment, Corporate America remains ignorant as a result of greed.

In order to increase their profit, bottled water companies have managed to convince a large portion of society that tap water is not drinkable. Through the use of product branding, a vast majority of companies have tricked buyers into believing that they are drinking fresh water that comes directly from streams; however, businesses such as Aquafina and Dasani simply treat tap water and bottle it up for the consumer. The same water that can be accessed at home is put into bottles and sold at a nineteen hundred percent increase. Tap water, which is controlled by the Environmental Protection Agency, is tested multiple times a day. Bottled water, however, is monitored by one person who oversees all regulations for the Food and Drug Administration; in other words, mistakes can easily and frequently be overlooked. Tests of bottled water have found arsenic, bleach and other forms of bacteria as a result of the carelessness of the FDA.

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Rather than regulating the amount of water being sold every year, large companies such as Pepsi and Nestle continue to be consumed by selfishness. The documentary Tapped begins in Fryeburg, Maine- Nestlé’s largest supplier of water. Without any respect for surrounding civilians, Nestlé has been stealing water from Fryeburg’s inhabitants. Corporate America’s greed was proven on February of 2004 when the people of Fryeburg were without water for a day and a half while Pepsi continued to pump water from the surrounding sources. Rachel Carson illustrates another example of American greed through Canada’s use of DDT in 1953. Carson writes, “Soon after the spraying had ended there were unmistakable signs that all was not well. Within two days dead and dying fish, including many young salmon, were found along the banks of the stream” (131). After seeing the negative effect of DDT on the environment, the Canadian government should have conducted research to find a safer alternative to the pesticide, but instead decided to “[reduce] the concentration of DDT from ½ pound previously used to ¼ pound to the acre” (133). Now, a place that was once filled with life and beauty has been left in ruins due to the negligence of a corporation.

The effects of corporate America’s greed have been a hindrance on society for far too long. It is impossible to persuade corporations to turn away from selfishness; however, in order to establish a better environment, the population must stand against the use of plastic bottles and instead use eco-friendly alternatives, such as reusable water bottles. Since the majority of the water corporation uses tap water as the main source, this generation has the ability to put these large companies out of business by simply discontinuing the consumption of their products. Society must be mindful and exceptionally intolerant to spending money on something that can be accessed at home for no cost. As a result, humans and animals alike will avoid exposure to the negative effects in relation to corporate America’s rapacity.


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