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The impact of Arabs and the spread of Islam in East Africa is vast. Africa was one of the first continents that Islam spread into Southwest Asia, this subject really involves or revolves around Muhammad who was a prophet and a founder of Islam born in 570. The spread of Islam was because of political and religious reasons. Muslim rulers gained control of certain areas and some of their more recent followers either stayed with them or converted over to the Muslim faith. Islam was spread too, by trade. It was also being spread in areas that were of Muslim control. The Islamic religion was really spread by merchants or missionaries, the tactic was really only to dominate the area not convert. So usually it was a choice to convert for most people. The Arabs were specifically significant because they were the ones who really spread the religion to the eastern coast of Africa. Not to say that there wasn’t any violence in Africa because there was so much with the slave trade many people’s lives were unfair.

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Next, The role of Muslim traders in East Africa was significant. The reason Muslim traders were so significant is that when they traded to other areas and they brought in the religion of Islam. Without these Muslim traders, people wouldn’t have been introduced to the Islamic religion. Muslim traders traded things like sugar, salt, spices, and slaves. They could trade from China to Europe. Slavery in Islam was legal, going back to Mohammad who was a prophet of Islam, he actually sold and bought slaves himself. Islam’s idea of trade was “that freedom was the natural state of affairs for human beings and in line with this it limited the opportunities to enslave people, commended the freeing of slaves and regulated the way slaves were traded.” (BBC, slavery in Islam).

Africa is largely viewed now as a poor continent. The reason it is viewed as poor economically is sole because of the African slave trade. The slave trade completely wrecked Africa’s economy today, they are viewed now as poor and having so much poverty. If the Slave trade would have never happened Africa as a continent could have looked a lot different, maybe even richer. Social classes also come into play because now in today’s world people look at themselves as better than people of color just because of how poor they are and the conditions they live in.                     

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