Quinton Chivers: a Person Who Influenced My Life

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Surgery is a scary and dangerous process but if you choose the right doctor the process would become much easier. Dr. Chivers is an amazing doctor who works hard and has inspired me to work hard and to do my best. Dr. Chivers is a plastic surgeon. He does cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He also removes cancer and benign tumours. Because he works hard and far with top standards he has influenced the way I live.

Quinton Chivers has inspired me because he does amazing things that keep people happy with their results. He can do some amazing surgeries that others cannot do. “I had a surgery in August and I am very satisfied with the results.” (Ma). This proves that patients can have surgeries that help them. “I had a surgery to remove an enchondroma and the scar is almost healed! He stitched it very well.” (Ma). Dr. Chivers specializes in cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery is surgery that is purely for changing how you look. Plastic surgery is a specialized type of cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery is used to reconstruct defective organs or bones. “I had a reconstructive surgery” (Ma). Dr. Chivers makes many people feel good about their surgeries. “I rarely post feedback, but Dr. Chivers and his staff are consummate professionals. His bedside manner is calming and warm and his surgical skills highly impressive. I would recommend him to anyone including close family and friends.” (Dr. Quinton Chivers – RateMDs). This proves that people approve of what he does and likes his effort and how much he helps others. This proves that people approve of his work. He works hard and hopes to keep everyone as happy as they can be. He tries his best to give the best results no matter if the surgery is so hard that other surgeon refused to do it. This means that he is willing to try to do some surgeries that are hard and if not done may have resulted in an amputation.

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He works in multiple places and works extremely hard for the world and is always at top standards. According to the CPSO, Dr. Chivers has hospital usage rights in Richmond Hill Makenzie Health, Markham Stouffville Hospital, Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, Toronto Rouge Valley Centenary Health Centre, General Site Scarborough Hospital, Birchmount Campus Scarborough Hospital, Southlake Regional Health Centre, Trillium Health Partners Mississauga Hospital, Trillium Health Partners Queensway Health Centre and Trillium Health Partners the Credit Valley Hospital. This proves that he works in many places and he works for our community. According to RateMDs, his staff are outstanding staff, world-class punctuality, exceptionally helpful, and is highly knowledgeable. He works in multiple places and works very hard. Many people say that he has done very well on many occasions on multiple different types of operations. He has an outstanding rating and according to GloboMD, he is a 5-star surgeon.

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