Race and Class in the Post-wwii Era

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Matters concerning race and class have been overriding the relations between people disgustingly for such a prolonged period of class. The people who were born the last few days might think this is a topic that has taken toll today. Contrary to this, the venom has been in place for a time that can be equated to man’s evolution. The dynamics of race and class as perceived among the different people have had far-reaching effects on the way people relate with one another. It has been ubiquitously witnessed in the way the social stands have delineated people based on race and class (Omi 1). The social classes have been the order of the day in the societies where every other person is associating with each other. Stratification in the societies has also based on the race issues. For instance, in the United States of America and other like places, race has been a central item in creating the border line among people.

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The racial and class divisions have been off everyone’s talk on a day to day basis. This is because every person only sees one to be a brother or a sister based on the color of their skin. This is sad to say and see it happen but the power in such divisions has been the order of the day. Such misfortunes associated with the race and class dynamics have also played a big role in the world war two times and the times beyond. Several authors have given attempts in explaining the issues behind the divisions associated with the class and race division. The current document aims at exploring the issues discussed and making the matters known on the fascinating ideas of the time on the matters of race and class.

In the times after the World War 2, several concerns rose about who is a man and who is not. Naturally, a man is known for the possession of the male morphological features. The men and women are perceived as different due to the possession of hormones that make one attain a male figure and the other female figure. The post-world war 2 defined the man based on their possession of the attributes such as courage. Some statements made indicate that courage is often associated with the courage one has. This leaves surprises on the readers’ minds wondering whether a person who is less courageous should be tagged a woman. Then again, does it mean a woman has no courage, courage for what, someone else may ask.

Nonetheless, it had to be an item of creating classes. James Baldwin, for instance, makes such statements as a man is known to be what he wants to be and not what others think of him or call him. He notes in his letter to his nephew that the whites refer to the Negro in a way that deems pleasing to them. The Negro is challenged to prove otherwise. However, according to Norman a man is not credited for the courage he manifests but by the generation he/she creates. A person will be identified by a certain generation based on the legacy created. Whilst the whites disregard the Negros, Norman observes that the Negros should stay head high for what they have created for as long as it is not doomed.

James adds that it is in the man’s repertoire to always fight with situations at hand. James notes (1252) that the act of fighting and causing destruction among men has become the order of the day. He urges the people to struggle and become strong in order not to be selected against in the time of wave destruction and the time when things are b on the people. The fight that the author mentions in this case, refers to the world war times when people were massively killed. The killings were selective about races. The Negros had to fight their own fights for their lives, and so did the whites.

The world war era seemingly brought in some of the class division that has been witnessed. James Baldwin in his letter says that “the world put you in the ghetto for you to die”. The implication, in this case, is that the aftermath of the World War 2 put people of different classes in different places bed on their ability to their rights. The Negros were not in the position to make their positions secure and therefore had to be selected against at the time of settling in better places where life was bearable and developed had taken route. The places that the Negros dwelt were underdeveloped, and this is what the author calls the ghetto. The blacks had no option but to take it. Staying in such undeveloped areas was their natural position, and they could not object. This was not the only thing that made the difference between the Negros and the whites.

The jobs also meant such a pronounced difference of class between the Negros and the whites. The well-paying and less tedious jobs were a portion for the white while the Negros was left with the tedious and the low paying jobs. The office jobs, for instance, were apportioned to the whites due to their higher levels of education while the Negros had no option but to take the casual jobs since they were not allowed to attend premier schools like their counterparts.

There were claims held that the Negros lifestyle was something like a manifestation of a life which is a demonstration of immaturity and immoral. This impacted on the esteem the Negros who too much of their time trying to understand what is moral what the whites tried to make them believe. This was demonstrated in some ways in which the white tried to isolate themselves from the blacks. In the Enormous radio presented by John Cheever the child of the averagely poor family finds school a tough place to survive and even considers not attending school as a better option. The radio also presents a man and a woman with different ideologies in life. Whereas the man considers the radio as an entertainment device in his house the radio on the perspective, the radio happens to be putting more terror on the family because every other day the radio speaks things that make their life look irrelevant and out of the modern day life. The family in broad terms represents a struggling black family that is struggling to survive the high costs of life.

In the above scenario, it is a representation of the Negros who happened to be isolated on so many things which made life unbearable and living hell for them. The jobs that are given to them involve long working hours and little pay that cannot sustain the day cots of life. The hand to mouth kind of jobs were the portion for the Negros, and it is for this reason that the man in the enormous radio presentation finds it difficult to me his family happy.

Many writers have noted in their literary works that the whites have been the center of everything trying to make the world favorable to them alone. This has been continually witnessed even during the bus boycotts. The bus segregations were also an item of isolation between the white and the Negros. The bus systems only stopped at the pace where the whites lived. Any Negro who happened to be bordering the bus together with the whites was only allowed to alight at the bus stops in the whites residential. Sad enough, some blacks had to walk for a kilometer back to their residential areas. Besides, in the buses, the sitting plans were also made to favor the whites against the back race. The front seats were preserved exclusively for the white while the back seats were for the blacks. This made life difficult for the black Americans. In fighting against this discrimination the blacks decided to boycott the buses and this was an epitome of the current changes witnessed today (Drucker 1).

Some systems have been in place to fight the racial issues. This includes the work of the artist who has been on the forefront of portraying the messages and the grievances of the blacks through their songs (Dirlik 1). The class isolation today remains a major challenge because no efforts have succeeded in inducing change to the current situation. Access to information, however, could reduce the rift between classes and create ways through which the poor can be accommodated in the societies.

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