Race, Gender and Class in America

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Race, Gender and class all have a major impact on American society. Having three different functions in our society, they all affect everyone differently. Different studies have been done over time to show the similarities and differences between race, gender, and class. All of these concepts are interpreted differently depending on your own lifestyle. Throughout time the meaning of these concepts has changed yet still has a great effect on America.

Society itself gives meaning to the concepts of race, gender, and class. The constant demand for needing a title in life provides the ideas with the recognization they get. Allowing race and class in our society causes division among the population. Having a superior race limits the opportunities for minorities, in situations such as work, education, and most important today, the media. Because society has focused so much on race, it affects the daily living of the minority. Those of the minority in America face daily challenges which those of the superior race do not. The most common challenges faced are discrimination and stereotyping. Racial microaggressions are a common action against those of color as well. The constant demand for wanted a separation between color will always keep an unequal opportunity for those in America.

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The concept of gender in America has changed the most in these past few years. Gender is another social expectation brought about by society itself. Although the demand for equalization between men and women in the workforce is still present, The United States has come a long way in accepting those of our LGBTQ community. In American society today the acceptance of gender freedom has grown drastically. America has legalized same-sex marriage in all fifty states and all around the country, there are support groups and celebrations for the community.

Our class system in America is an arrangement of social hierarchy that allows for individuals to move throughout. Our country provides the division of three different classes, upper, middle and lower. Upper is made up of the wealthier, affluent members of society, while the middle class is known as our working, lower managerial occupations. Our lower class is made up of most people of ethnic minority backgrounds or those making under $20,000 a year. A common issue in America is that those of the lower class are not given the same opportunity as those of the middle and upper class. The lower class is often looked at as not only poor but a lower status as well. Those of the lower class face difficulty with social mobility and have overall limitations to their entire lifestyle.

Overtime the assumptions regarding gender and race have changed for the better. In Amerian society today it is very uncommon for those of color to face discrimination when applying for an occupation. Surprisingly it is even possible to get a scholarship for being a minority. Race and gender have significantly benefited from the idea of social change. Allowing for a more accepting society gives those of differents races an opportunity that was not given to them in previous years.

Overall, race, gender, and class all have an enormous impact on American Society. Causing multiple limitations for the minority it is very possible for us to break these social differences. Becoming a more accepting society will allow for bigger and better opportunities to arouse. Recognizing that the function of race, gender, and class will all affect us all sooner or later, can lead to a better American society.   

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