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Rachel Modell's Stronger than You Know and Her Struggle to Overcome Rape in College

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Stronger Than You Know. Rachel Modell. 2006. Stronger Than You Know is about a Modell’s struggle to overcome her rape while she was eighteen attending college and her experience forever changed her way of life. The minimum sentence for rapists is four years, the maximum being twelve years it is unfortunate that by the time someone goes to school for four years to get their degree is the same amount of time that they could spend in jail like Modell’s Rapist. The punishment should strike fear into the heart of accuser and not just inconvenient to them. So if there were harsher punishments there would be less rape. Modell wants women to know that being raped isn’t the end of the world, just like her while women will never able to forget their experience they can move on with their lives with the right guidance. I agree that rape victims can survive their experience and with harsher punishments there will be less victims of rape.

Rape is described as being a crime of passion and I agree with Modell that there is nothing passionate about rape. Rape is the mental death of a person. When one rapes another person they are killing who that person could have been because after that traumatic experience that person will never be the same; how they sleep, how they eat and how they go about their daily lives and unfortunately there are individuals who are left so emotionally damaged and vulnerable that they end up taking their own life because their experience is so traumatizing to them they don’t want to go another day remembering it. Rape is taken too lightly; the consequences of rape should be much harsher because while some women are able to heal from counseling and/ or talking to others the woman or women who might have been the next great leader or scientist ends up withdrawing herself from the society and can possibly commit suicide consequently. (or are too scared to go back to school and finish their education because of rapists.) Modell wants women to know they are stronger then they give themselves credit for and they need to speak up. Talking about their experiences with a trusted individual is the first step in the healing process. Rape is not something that should be taken lightly and their tormenter should suffer so by letting their tormenter get anyway with hurting them is only allowing their tormentor to hurt others, rapists should pay for their crimes.

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Rapists are twisted, mentally sick and unstable individuals; they cannot be helped and are constantly bombarded with thoughts of doing harms to others. Sending Rapists to jail to help rehabilitate is pointless because they will always desire to do harm to others and will likely give into the urge when given an opportunity. In my opinion, all rapists should be castrated. With castration as the threat against rapists or future rapists, an individual will think twice about committing such act if the result is becoming a eunuch. Modell says there is strength in numbers and with more women trying to get this bill passed or protesting about how horrible rape it will get the message across that we are women and we are not afraid. We want harsh punishments because we hate being helpless victims in this predominately male society.

In conclusion, rape should be taken more seriously than it is, it is taken too lightly. Rape victims should not keep their traumatic ordeal to themselves they should come forward and try to get help so that they can heal. With castration as a form of punishment against future rapists, their will be less rape.


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