Racial Discrimination and Different Forms It Takes on Today

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Discrimination has been in occurrence in our society more definitively in the past few decades, like wise racial-discrimination is still very evident but has not been able to quiet progress

A pivotal movement in U.S history that forever changed the direction of racial-discrimination is the murder of Emmet Till. In Mississippi, he flirted with a Caucasian woman by whistling at her. After the woman's husband, Roy Bryant, found out about it, he brutally murdered Emmett by beating, shooting, and doing barbarous things to him, which completely disfigured his face. Brutally mutilated, Tills relatives could not even identify him after the complete deformation took over his face.

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Throughout the trial the spark for justice amongst people of color and racism left impacts that changed society as we know it today. When the trial was held for Emmett's case, Emmett's great-uncle, Mose Wright, made the courageous decision to testify against the perpetrators, who killed Emmett. This was a major thing, because at that time, blacks were afraid to testify, the reason being they were afraid of being attacked by whites. Due to Wright's courageous conclusion to testify, he inspired African Americans and other people to grasp a stand to combat for justice, equality, and approachable rights.

U.S race relations in modern day are still very common taking different forms and approaches. The history of slavery and white supremacy is something that can not and never will be erased from America’s past, specifically because of the white supremacists who perpetuate racism today with their bigoted idealism. Today, blacks are subconsciously viewed by white people as lower beings, and are held to a lower standard in general. Racial discrimination hasn’t just been stereotypical as not liking someone because of their skin color, merely likewise because of what they could perhaps be capable of and that they are. Back then people have always been looked at different depending on the color of their skin or what your religion, race, or beliefs may be. Similarly today the U.S is still faced with these issues at a grave but less than extent compared to back then.

Racism will never die in this world. You can hide and conceal it all you want but at the end of the day with white supremacy, an ideology heavily dealt with today racial wounds will never fully be healed. Racism goes far down in its roots and is not something that can just be cured.

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