Racial Discrimination and Racial Inequality in Organizations

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The identified problem in this research study is the case where there are high cases of racial inequalities in different employment opportunities and organizations. Therefore, this problem causes difficulties of promoting racial diversity in organizations and it indicates that there are racial groups that are considered to be superior than others when dealing with employment in the organization. The purpose of this research is to ensure that there is a highlight of inequalities that are created in organizations based on racial backgrounds of employees.

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It is established that despite the improvement and development of labor laws in the United States of America, racial inequality in organizations is still significant. Researchers note that there is a significant improvement in promoting equality but discrimination based on race in the United States of America labor market is still pervasive (Bell, Kwesiga & Berry, 2010). A comparison made regarding the racial groups indicates that African American individuals are twice likely to face unemployment in America as opposed to the Whites. The situation indicates that the White racial groups’ bare favored in employment sectors than the African Americans. Consequently, literature suggests that African American employees earn less than Whites by approximately 25 percent (Acker, 2006). Employers in the present society are tied with laws and regulations of promoting equality in employment sector but what they do is to try and balance between African Americans, Whites and other racial groups but when it comes to remuneration, there is still an aspect of discrimination that can be identified. However, to challenge the racial discrimination in remuneration, there are different reasons that are attributed to the cause for example the difference in education levels and cultural norms at the work place environment (Berry & Schneider, 2011). Researchers have been interested in studying racial difference in the labor market to identify if there are improvements and causes of setbacks in the situation.

There is a relationship between racial discrimination in employment sector and employee performance in the organization In the above hypothesis, the research will aim at either validating or doing away with the idea of having a relationship connection between employee performance and racial discrimination. When employees of a certain race realize that they are undermined in the organization, then they will feel neglected and start to underperform (Acker, 2006). The underperformance will jeopardize the results of the organization such as low revenue collection and poor customer treatment.

The research method that will be applied in completing this research is a mixed research method. Mixed research method involves the combination of both qualitative and quantitative research methods to collect data and analyses the situation of racial inequality in organizations. In Quantitative research method, focus will be on the use of interviews and questionnaires data collection methods. These will help the researcher to interact with the participants of the study to collect valid data for analysis and recommendations. On the other hand, qualitative research methods will include focus on secondary research materials and findings from previous researchers on organizational inequalities based on race. In quantitative research methods, the participants of the study will be selected through random sampling. Random sampling ensures that all the participants who are to undertake the study are given an equal chance to be part of the research study. The collected data will be later cleaned coded and analyzed by putting them in softwares such as Statistical Package for Social Sciences to help in the analysis of the results

Collect Data Search Engines

The search engines that will be used in collecting data will be Google scholar. Google scholar will be used to collect secondary research data. The researcher will key in the main words such as racial inequalities in organizations. Google Scholar will help out in finding recent articles that have been written on the main words. The articles will be analyzed and conclusions drawn from the process. Relevant materials will only be selected for analysis to avoid wasting time on irrelevant pieces of data.

The findings from the research data indicate that there are multiple intersecting processes that result to inequalities in organization especially racial inequalities. It is evident that in organizations where the head leader or the Chief Executive Officer is an African American, then the organization will tend to employ more African American employees as opposed to whites (Acker, 2009). On the other hand, if the CEO is White, then the situation changes and African American employees are discriminated in the organization. Leadership and power are among the driving forces that leads to racial discrimination in the organizations. Furthermore, regardless of the established labor laws, discrimination also occurs in remunerations and salaries of employees in the organization (Acker, 2009). African American employees tend to receive lower packages as opposed to Whites.

The collected results after being analyzed will be shared through documentation and graphical representation. Graphs, Pie Charts and tables will be used in the graphical representation processes. Racial discrimination in organization is harmful and it should be eliminated immediately it is identified. Failure to which there will be a stagnated growth in the institution and employee morale will decline.


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