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Racial Diversity in Education in the United States Today

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Changing patterns of fertility in the country and the immigration in the country has led to population diversity. The demographic difference has led to the racial disparity between various ethnic communities. The differences in education will be manifested in different ways for example in Academic performance in schools. There has been an educational gap between the students from the English-speaking families and those from other families like Asian, Native and blacks. The gap is mainly because of unequal opportunity among children with the whites having more opportunities that others. Minority students in the country will attend high poverty schools and will perform poorly compared to those students from high-income families.

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Based on my predictions most of the student, about 50%, in the country will come from the white origin. The other 50% will comprise of the blacks, Hispanic, Native Americans and Asians with the blacks taking a higher percentage than the others. Analyzing on the academic achievement, the whites will perform well than the others followed by the blacks. A student from the white origin will come from high-income families, blacks from the medium income families while the Asian, Hispanic and Native will come from low-income families.

My state is Alabama with a total population of 4,802,741.Most of the school going children in this state are from the white origin. The percentage of the white students in the state are approximately 60%.Other students living in Alabama are from the black, Asia and Native origin. There are no Hispanic in the region. The White performs more in school compared to the blacks, Asians, and Native Americans. The percentage of the black students in the region is approximately 26% which is relatively lower than that of the white.

In my school, the number and performance of the student will vary depending on the ethnic origin. Students from the white origin compared to the rest will perform relatively better and will come from higher income family. Out of the total population of the school approximately 75% of the students will come from the white origin, 25% from black origin 9% from native and 1% from the native origin.

After conducting research, I was able to gather actual data from my school, region and national demographic. The demographic data from my state showed that the number of students in schools would vary based on race. Many students in Alabama will comprise of the whites. On English speaking, students will perform poorly in schools compared to the English speaking. On English speaking, students will come from high poverty families and will be eligible for free or reduced-price meals in school. A Higher percentage of the blacks, American Indian, Hispanic and Native students in Alabama attend the high poverty public schools in the region compared to the whites. According to the 2015 demographic data, the percentage of students to the total population in the States of Alabama were as follows 72% comprised of the whites,26 % were blacks, native were 1%, Asian 0.9% and Hispanic 0.07.The performance of the student varied by race. In the year 2015 out of that student who was graduating in grades p-12,44 % were whites. In contrast lower percentage of blacks, Hispanic and Asian students graduated that year.

In the national demographic, a high number of school-aged children came from the family of the whites where the English language was spoken. The highest percentage of Hispanic, Asian and Native families live below the poverty level with their children attending high-poverty public school. Out of the whole population, 61% of the school going population comes from those families of the white. Most of the children who performs better in school are the whites, followed by blacks all the way to the Indians who performs poorly. According to the US demographic data, the percentage of school going children who are from the white Origin are 61%,15% are blacks, native are 1%, Asian 5% and Hispanic 5%.

Conducting research in our school, I found that most of the student are from the white origin. High performing students will come from families where English is their primary language. Students from the Asians, Hispanic and Native families in the school are living below the poverty level as compared to other students. Out of the total the total population of the school, 69% of the students are whites, blacks 16%, Asian 1%, native 13% and Hispanic 1%.

After comparing my predictions with the actual data in the research, I identified a lot of differences and some similarity. My predictions were not accurate mostly in the percentage, for example, the number of students in America from the white origin is higher as I predicted. There were also some Hispanic students in Alabama, unlike my predictions. A student from the white origin will perform better in schools, regional and national levels as I had predicted. The data sources I used for my research are accurate because they involved accurate census and demographic data by the United States Census Bureau. The dataset, however, did not include the issue of gender in categorizing students. Gender would be an important factor to consider while analyzing students and their ethnic origin. Finally, according to the evidence from the research, students from the Native, the Asian and Hispanic origin will receive unequal opportunities in schools compared to the others. These students will come from low-income families and attend high poverty schools leading to poor performance in schools.

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