Racial Inequality: a Problem that is not Talked About Much

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 Witnessing the effects of racial inequality as a child to now has had a major impact on my viewpoint on the issue. Racial inequality is an ongoing issue in our diverse community that is altering the lives of many throughout the nation. 

From my background knowledge of racial injustice, appearance is one of the leading roles of racial inequality in our communities. To some, attire and hairstyles signify who you are as a person. Personality is what signifies someone,it allows you to gain a better understanding of that person. With personality comes communication, having a conversation helps in expanding your knowledge of another persons’ character. I am used to being watched intentively when walking into certain stores. My mother and I have been in circumstances where employees have followed us into every aisle we walked in acting as if their stocking shelves. This is the number one reason why my mother has always stressed the importance of not touching things that I do not plan on purchasing.

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It was shocking to learn that white college students were offered financial aid. While minorities were offered loans.I would have never imagined that there would be corruption in financial aid distribution amongst college students. It is unfortunate that diverse groups are being offered loans while not being given a fair chance at obtaining a grant or scholarship. Being that both scholarship and grants contribute to college funding. Learning this allowed me to connect systems of oppression to racial inequality. It made me realize that there are many systems of oppression that play a role in inequality in our society today.

Supporting justice, in behavior should be demonstrated by actions throughout the entire community. No matter the race or physical appearance. Participating in peaceful protests is one of the strategies I would participate in to help in establishing justice for racial inequality in our communities. Another of contributing to the cause would be to also participate in rallies that support justice for inequality. Nonviolent resistance will achieve goals of social change throughout society. Demonstrating this passionate behavior can help in promoting change to the issues impacting the lives of our diverse community. Being part of these events shows others that an average person has the ability to affect the change. This change could impact our diverse communities as a whole.

One day in the near future racial inequality will come to an end and communities will join together in unity. All communities will come together as, treating each other with equal respect. I am definitely aware and now have a different outlook on racial inequality. 

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