Racial Issues Within America During the Colonial and Reconstruction Era

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Race has always been a huge issue in America and unfortunately, I think that it always will be. I often find myself scrolling through Facebook and come across a post or news article about someone being shot or someone being arrested for something and once you start reading the comments, it is all arguments about race and social status. I personally don’t think that anyone should be treated any differently from anyone else no matter their race or sex. I was raised to treat everyone with the same respect. Do I agree with slavery? Absolutely not, but it was a part of history that helped to shape the United States and make it what it is today. Race is such a sensitive and controversial subject in this day in time. I do agree with the former General Attorney that some people will coward down if race comes up in conversation in order to avoid conflict. It’s easy to say that we should talk about race and voice our opinions, but it’s just not always that easy. It is easier though if you are friends with someone of a different race and can have some common ground with each other and discuss race issues with an understanding that you are just trying to get a better grasp on the background of it and their thoughts and opinions.

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During the Colonial Period, 1600 to 1776, slaves were needed for labor. Most of the labor was greatly needed at plantations. Most of the slaves during this era were brought over from the Caribbean. The slaves had made their way to the Caribbean due to the Atlantic slave trade. The Reconstruction Era started in the year 1865, lasting for over 13 years, and ending in the year 1877. This Era followed the American Civil War. This era rebuilt the United States and ended slavery. The reconstruction did not start or end at the same time in every state though. The purpose of the Reconstruction Era was to regain republican form from within the government and to help with securing the rights of former slaves. The Era of reconstruction was not 100% a success, but it was also not a complete failure. Thanks to this Reconstruction Era, the North and South became united again. Slavery was also done away with in the states down South. Even though slavery was done away with in the South, a new system came into play. Racial segregation was started.

After reading what the essay was over, I started researching about who the former Attorney General was that made the statement about Americans being cowards when it comes to race being discussed. I found that it was Eric Holder. Holder started out as a senior legal advisor Obama during his presidential campaign and then later became the 82nd Attorney General of the U.S. He was President Obama’s first Attorney General and served from February of 2009 to April of 2015 under President Obama. Holder was also the first Attorney General who was an African American.

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