Racism in Sports and in Other Spheres

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Racism goes way back in time in the United States. Back then, dark-skinned people were imported into the country as slaves and generally recognised in society as something bad. They were seen as objects, not subjects, because they were only used for working or helping out and thus they had no will of their own. Yet even today, there are people in the United States who think badly about dark-skinned ones. That is exactly what I would like to write about in this elaboration.

As written in the newspaper article (1), a dark-skinned one was killed by a police officer, however, the case was never clarified whether the black man committed an offence or whether the policeman unauthorized killed a human being. A major drawback of racism is injustice. The paper reports that there is a growing sense in America that nothing fundamentally changed about the situation of blacks in the country since the days of Martin Luther King. Because, like in the past, they are not recognised by the people and their claims are ignored.

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It is often claimed that more white people are involved in industry and development, such as blacks. However, this is another disadvantage of black people in America, because in the past, for example, through the Second World War, many inventors emigrated to America and another point is that most dark-skinned ones have been imported into the country as slaves and thus no Right to education.

That's what blacks have been interested in sports for, which is why I'm getting to the benefits now. Because racism has also made up several groups among blacks, who have then practiced sports against each other, such as basketball. Had the sport not come up with the blacks at the time, the sport might no longer exist. Because these days there are a lot of dark-skinned elite athletes. „Hip-Hop has done more that any leader, politician or anyone to improve race relations. This generation is the last racist generation.”

Through the blacks, hip hop only became known in America, so I now come to another advantage. Because these days, hip hop has become an important point in society in America. Many well-known songs, such as by Jason Derulo, were written by a black man. In my opinion, racism should not exist in general, because no one should judge another person, because the person himself did not want it either. Unfortunately, this is not possible, because many people have prejudices against others. Be it because of colour, language or gender. Racism leads to prejudice, because most of the time the people who perceive themselves as victims judge society themselves, because they generalize very quickly that everyone has something against them. Often sufferers use the excuse that they are recognised as something else. However, change is already taking place. As shown in Figure 4, five older people talk about the situation of old and the sixth person says: “I remember when the U.S. senate wasn´t all white… Last year!” He describes that even the government is changing since they elected a black president.

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