Racism in Today's Society is More than Just Words

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Racism is an unstable factory that classifies people by their gender such as race, nationality or religion, and other classifications. Discrimination is the main factor that is derived from these factors, throughout the world, and its history it has been a major concern to the people that stand against such incrimination and It’s demeaning, meaning to those of different traditions, racism also symbolizes a different and negative figure which damage social connections between people and their beliefs.

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Racism is a view that categories someone based on their quality, such as sex, or the color of skin which creates a division within society by making someone more superior or inferior to someone or something else. In today’s society, there have been a lot of movements to resist the cruel and ethnic behavior of such racial profiling, but there is a long way to go before something effective could have been put in place to see each person have the same rights or equality. The main considerations or objectives of this paper are to resolve the selfishness, and the lack of trust we place between each other which causes us to be malicious and deceiving among others.

Individuals also connect racism with different acts of abuse or harassment. Also, racism does not always need to involve violent or intimidating behavior. There are a lot of aspects that form in its place considering racial name-calling, and mocking such as jokes or playing tricks, or consider situations where people may be excluded from groups or activities because of where they came from or their external beliefs. Racism can be revealed through people’s actions as well as their attitudes. It can also be reflected in systems and institutions such as schools, churches, and workplaces. But sometimes it may not be revealed at all. Not all racism is obvious. For instance, someone may look through a list of job applicants and decide not to interview individuals with a certain surname.

Racism is more than just words and name-calling, beliefs, and actions. It also includes all the barriers that prevent other individuals from enjoying dignity and equality because of their race. However, not all racism comes from hatred. Some of it can come from fear and anxiety that make them feel uncomfortable that another may pose some form of upper hand or the same title that holds the same value People may worry that some groups pose a threat, whether to the safety of the community. Ignorance can play a part in feeding people’s racial attitudes, as can a need to belong to one’s group.

Racism is not always malicious, occasionally, the harm of racism can be done innocently, because someone may not know better of their doing just to fulfill what they have been taught. Societe social traction of racial and ethnic differences that linger among people, whether physical or cultural, exists as a part of human experience. Recognition of the differences may be intensified as contact between different groups grow. “Why should the world be over-wise”(P. L. Dunbar ). Racism and discrimination are seen as a privilege in today’s society whereas it’s also a long-lasting problem that bothers tons of people worldwide, and is one of the deepest social problems in history.

In many cases, some groups gain privileges over others Based on their racial, or ethnic differences, perceived or actual. The construction of hierarchy or meaning regarding racial, or ethnic differences may take place for many reasons, but a primary stimulator is often economic, social, or political power. Competition for resources or the drive for greater privilege often underlies the social construction of racial, or ethnic hierarchies. These hierarchical classifications are then utilized to establish, develop, or maintain the dominance or hegemony of a group over others.

Racial injustice can cause so much pain and suffering for people from lower-class communities backgrounds that can ultimately put pressure on such personal faith that can deem them less than they are meant to be in life, who possess the ultimate power in a person that makes them more inferior to ones that put them above each other, what special power gives them that right or title to look at someone different in a scornful manner or treated them as such.

In such term or manner that gives off a grieving or unsafe situation that are set upright on others to test their true strength or power to overcome such timid situation which sometimes sets such concerning fate that sets aside that individuals may not see the true meaning of life that they such desperation to conquer for themselves. “We wear the mask”(P. L. Dunbar). This symbolizes black people must hide who they are in a white society the mask that all black people wear to hide their real emotions. The tradition of wearing this mask began when black people were brought to America to be enslaved, forced to work, and dehumanized. For their lives more bearable, they put on smiling masks and sang songs, and narrated poems that explained the hardships they faced every day.

In conclusion, to get a better understanding of such discriminatory act that was forced upon people of specific groups such as women, men, and children deem a big significant impact on history that may in such case the life of a lot of innocent people that in today’s society the memories and suffering still haunt them from the past, there is no escaping what has been done. 

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